First Listen: Jake Hoot and Wife Brittney Cherish Time Together On Mesmerizing Duet, ‘Wherever Time Goes’

The duet officially drops on Friday, February 11.


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February 10, 2022


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Jake Hoot, Brittney Hoot; Photo by Jonathan Volk

Jake Hoot and his beautiful wife Brittney Hoot have been working on new music together! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, they are premiering their brand new affectionate duet, “Wherever Time Goes,” exclusively on Country Now.

Written by Jake with Houston Phillips and Michael Farren, this romantic collaboration finds the married couple giving time and attention to each other and to the people they love knowing that eventually, the clock will run out. Jake, a season 17 The Voice winner, and Brittney, a labor and delivery nurse, shine separately on solo verses but come together on the choruses, which serve as a reminder to slow down and make every moment count before precious time slips away.

Jake Hoot, Brittney Hoot - Wherever Time Goes
Jake Hoot, Brittney Hoot – Wherever Time Goes

Wherever it takes me, whatever the road / I’ll be just fine if it’s your hand I hold / When that hourglass empties all that I know is I want you to be wherever time goes,” the married couple sing in harmony, turning the slow-tempo tune into a timeless ballad fit for any sentimental ear.

“I think, as we get older, we get in such a hurry and such a fast-paced mentality that we tend to let so many precious moments pass us by without even realizing that we let it happen,” Jake tells Country Now of the meaning behind the track. “I think taking a step back and going, ‘You know what? Time is a gift and being such a special thing as it is, and having somebody special in your life – and the beauty about this song, is it can also be compared to being with your kids too and being happy about the moment – and going, ‘I have so much time left on this earth, and in this life, wherever that time goes, I want it to be with the people I love.’”

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“Wherever Time Goes” comes just weeks ahead of the Hoots one-year wedding anniversary. Fans may recall the couple met years ago while serving as singers for a mutual friend’s wedding. They tied the knot on March 7, 2021, at Saddle Woods Farm in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

“It’s been the best year I feel like in my life,” Jake says, reflecting on his marriage with Brittney, who is now stepmom to Jake’s adorable six-year-old daughter, Macy, from a previous marriage. “As soon as we got back from our honeymoon, we hit the ground running. We had to learn to balance all that time, like trying to do the home life thing and being on the road and trying to travel together. At the same time, [Brittney] had to step into that role, you know, of being a bonus mom. So, it was a learning experience all last year, but it was the best year ever!”

Jake Hoot, Brittney Hoot; Photo by Jonathan Volk
Jake Hoot, Brittney Hoot; Photo by Jonathan Volk

“This has by far been the best year of my life and the fullest year of my life,” Brittney, who previously contributed backing vocals on Jake’s song, “Nadine,” added. “It’s so crazy to look back over a year and be like, ‘Wow, it feels like we’ve packed 10 years into the last year. The things that we’ve done and the places we’ve gone and the places we’ve been able to see, it’s just so crazy to think that it all happened in less than a year, but we’re just so excited for all that this coming year has, but we have had an awesome year of marriage for sure.”

“Wherever Time Goes” is expected to be featured on Jake’s next album. And while no official due date has been announced for the upcoming project, fans can look for two more singles and a music video for “Wherever Time Goes” very soon.

“It’s just been so fun getting to do a project with [Jake] and just be a part of this song,” Brittney shared. “It’s such a beautiful song, and the message of it is something that I think is so much our story.”

“Wherever Time Goes” officially drops on Friday. Fans can pre-save/pre-add the track HERE

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