Francisco Martin Had Luke Bryan Jumping For Joy With Harry Styles Cover on ‘American Idol’

American Idol returned for the final showcase in Hawaii at Disney’s Aulani resort with contestants hoping to advance to the Top 20.

Contestant Francisco Martin took the stage to perform Harry Styles’ “Falling,” from Styles’ No. 1 album, Fine Line.

After swooning the audience, Martin had Luke Bryan literally jumping up and down on his seat after his performance, which earned him a standing ovation from both the crowd and judges.

“Francisco from San Francisco, how are you,” Bryan greeted him as he sat in front of the judges awaiting his fate.

“That’s my man right there Katy,” Bryan added.

“I don’t really recognize who you are anymore, especially after what you did with that performance last night and that’s a good thing,” Perry complimented.

“I was like, ‘is that Bruno Mars up there, I like it,'” Perry joked as Bryan and Lionel Richie laughed.

Bryan couldn’t contain his excitement over Martin’s performance.

“Man, what I am proud about is that you’re figuring out how to be a real artist, somebody that you naturally root for, you check every box,” he continued. “I have a feeling that just great things are gonna happen to you in this experience. You’re just a wonderful talent man and you are definitely going through to the next level, you’re in the Top 20. Relish it and stay who you are.”

Martin earned his place in the Top 20 and will advance to the next round.

“American Idol returns on Sunday (April 5) at 8 p.m. ET/PT.