From TikTok To Center Stage: Lee Brice Grants Fan’s Wish To Sing Duet At Virginia Concert

“Lee Brice, Thank you so much for making this possible,” Nicole gushed.


Madeleine O’Connell

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August 2, 2023


3:14 pm

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Lee Brice, Nicole Elise; Photos Courtesy TikTok

A country music fan by the name of Nicole crossed off a major bucket list goal when she was asked to join country star Lee Brice on stage during his recent concert in Virginia.

While the actual moment on stage was brief, Nicole has been putting in the work for months just hoping for the chance to perform alongside the country star. 

Back in April, Nicole began posting videos of her singing Brice’s duet with Carly Pearce titled “I Hope You’re Happy Now” and prompting her TikTok viewers to like, reshare and tag Brice in hopes of him noticing her request. 

She finally started to see a growing response on a clip she shared via social media on July 15, about two weeks before the date of Brice’s show.  

“Hi Mr. Brice, my name is Nicole, I will be at your concert July 30 in Virginia, and I think I would do just about anything to sing this song with you,” she said before turning the volume up on her car radio and singing along to the tune without missing a single note or lyric. 

The talented fan later shared another video letting her followers know that her request did in fact end up reaching the country star and she was invited to join him on stage to deliver “I Hope You’re Happy Now.”  

“Lee Brice, Thank you so much for making this possible! You and your team are simply amazing 🫶🏼,” she wrote in the caption.

Brice let Nicole take the lead before jumping in to join her in singing the remainder of the chorus. Their vocals harmonized together in a stunning rendition of the track which was originally recorded as a duet with Carly Pearce. 

After seeing her month’s worth of effort have such a happy ending, users began to flood the comment section of the video which has since racked up over 312k views. Per the request of those in her comments, Nicole posted another video explaining the whole story in detail, including the moments leading up to her spontaneous on-stage debut next to Lee Brice. 

“The night of the concert, the video had 33,000 likes. I get to the concert venue, I’m like, ‘eh, it’s not gonna happen. It’s fine. I shot my shot. It’s whatever,’ Nicole shared. “About an hour before Lee Brice was supposed to go on stage, I get this DM from one of his music producers, and on TikTok, I get a message from his drummer.”

She went on to explain how she was skeptical at first, fearing that these messages could be fake because they were too good to be true. However, she quickly realized it was Brice’s real team members who were making an attempt to get her on stage. 

“So then two songs before the one that I was supposed to sing, one of the tour managers was texting me and was like, ‘Hey, come meet me over in this area.’ And I get over there and he’s got backstage passes from me and my two friends that were with me. And that’s like really when I was like, ‘this is happening. What the heck?’”

She continued, “So they take us backstage. We were rushing because it was only two songs before the one that I was supposed to sing and they accidentally took me to the wrong side of the stage first, and then we had to literally run around the stage to get to the correct side so that the crew could put the in-ear things in me and stuff, which I’ve never worn those before. I’ve never even sung in a microphone before,” she admitted. 

Once all the logistics were sorted out backstage, Nicole finally got the moment she had been waiting for. After hearing the “One Of Them Girls” singer introduce her, she stepped onto the stage and met Brice for the very first time. 

“We had no rehearsal. Like I literally just met him the second my feet hit the stage, and it was my first time seeing it in front of a crowd,” she said as she finished recounting the memories of this exciting night. 

Lee Brice, Nicole; Photo Courtesy Nicole Elise
Lee Brice, Nicole; Photo Courtesy Nicole Elise

While reflecting on the power of social media and all the hard work she put in to make this dream-come-true moment happen, Nicole told Country Now, “Who would’ve thought, it all started from Tiktok!! This was my first time singing in front of a crowd and even my first time singing in a real microphone.”

Lee Brice is currently on the road for his 2023 summer run that includes appearances at a variety of fairs and festivals including Country In The Burg, Nebraska State Fair, Country Bay Music Festival, and more. 

Lee Brice is next slated to perform on August 5 in Atmore, AL. 

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