Logan Crosby Talks ’23 Days In L.A.’ And Dishes On Touring With Megan Moroney

We caught up with the rising star to learn more about his just-released debut EP.


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August 2, 2023


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Logan Crosby; Photo by Marisa Braden

Logan Crosby released his much-anticipated debut EP, 23 Days in L.A., on July 14.

The project displays Crosby’s vocal range and his storytelling abilities while telling the story of a short-lived love story that the rising star once experienced.

23 Days In L.A. chronologically follows the typical journey of love as it begins with two people getting to know each other, falling in love, and then eventually moving on.

The five-track project documents all the moments, memories, and emotions that came from his memorable L.A. visit.

Known for his appearance on ABC’s Claim to Fame, and his relation to country superstar Jason Aldean, Crosby is quickly finding his own success in the country music world and 23 Days In L.A. will undoubtedly take his already budding career to the next level.

Keep reading to learn more about Logan Crosby’s new EP, his upcoming tour with Megan Moroney, and more.

Logan Crosby 23 Days In LA - Credit: Good Peoples Agency
Logan Crosby 23 Days In LA – Credit: Good Peoples Agency

You just released 23 Days in L.A. Why did you choose the last song of the album to be the title?

I guess that song is kind of like a reflection. It kind of takes the first four songs and puts them into perspective of where I was coming from. I also just thought it was a really cool title. Every time I brought it up and said ‘yeah, “23 Days in L.A.” is the name of the project and the focus track,’  people were like ‘wait, that’s really cool. Tell us more,’ which was awesome. I mean, and honestly it kind of tells the entire story and that’s kind of the amount of time it took to tell. I just kind of think all that stuff put together, it just makes sense for that to be the title.

The order of 23 Days in L.A. seems to have a specific sequence. What was the reasoning behind this or the story you were trying to tell?

All five songs, lyrically, and how we wrote them was a story in itself. I mean, sonically, if you’ve listened to it, it kind of starts off real big with “Run Away With You.” That’s the song we were in the studio and I was like ‘Look, I want it to be something where you can roll your windows down in the summer and let your hair blow in the wind. With ‘Ain’t Nothin Like Lovin You,’ it needed to be a little more sexy kinda beat song. As you progress and get to the middle of the project,  it gets a little sad and you can tell something’s turning with ‘A Little Sunburnt, A Little Drunk.’ With ‘Whiskey Smoke,’ it got pretty dark. It was a song that I’ve never really put out that sounds like that. Obviously then “23 Days in L.A.” is kind of a reflection sonically, but then also lyrically. “Run Away With You” is just a song about falling in love with somebody and running off. ‘Ain’t Nothin Like Lovin You’ is all about loving somebody and once you get to the back, the relationship kind of starts to come to an end. When we sat down to write it, I knew I wanted to do 5 songs and I wanted it to sound like this. It was a lot of fun going in to write the project because a lot of the writers knew exactly what I was trying to write. It was just a really cool process.

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You had several different people write with you on these songs. Can you talk a little bit about what this process is like as you collaborate with other songwriters?

The single and the first track was me, Billy Dawson and Chase McDaniel, who I’ve written a couple of other songs with that I’ve released. So, they’re great and I love writing with them. I actually started writing “Run Away With You’ when I was in college in my dorm room. I met the girl that this project was about, and I brought it in and we tweaked some stuff and made some changes to make it make a little more sense. I wrote “Ain’t Nothin’ Like Lovin’ You” with Billy Dawson as well then, Allison Veltz Cruz, who also wrote on ‘23 Days in L.A.” She’s honestly one of my favorite people in the whole world. Ben Williams got to write on that song and he’s one of my favorite people and he’s like my best friend. Then Jonathan Singleton wrote on two tracks and he’s awesome. He’s my producer, so that was a lot of fun being able to write a song and then turn around and have an idea of what we were going to make it sound like in the studio. Mark Holman over at Big Loud, has become a great friend. Gabe Foust and Jacob Hackworth are two great guys. Getting in the room with those guys and being like ‘Look I want to write this project and it’s going to sound like this and it’s going to talk about this.’ It’s a lot when you go into a room and you say that and you open up, but once you do, all the writers are like ‘heck yeah, let’s do it.’ It’s a super cool thing having those writers that I can bounce ideas off of.

Why did you decide to release “Run Away With You” ahead of any of the other songs?

We knew we wanted to put out a single, and we were just trying to figure out which one made sense. We kind of listened through all of the songs and we thought that we could do any of them as the single. “Run Away With You” was something that I hadn’t quite put out yet that vocally showed my range but it was also a song that sounded a little different. It sounded kind of rocky but also sounded really summery and it had cool guitar riffs in it. I just felt like it was the one and since it was a project that I wanted people to listen to from track 1 to track 5, releasing track 1 as the single would make the most sense. I really loved this song and it’s doing great.

What has the response to the EP been since its arrival and what are you hoping people will take away from listening to these 5 songs?

The response has been great. Everybody has really loved it and reached out. Everybody has their favorite song, which is awesome. That’s kind of what I wanted. Some people are like ‘we don’t really like that song’ and I’m like ‘that’s fine’ but then they are like ‘but we like this one’ and I’m like’ as long as we like one of them.’ But yeah, the response has been great and I think last week “Run Away With You” was the number one song on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist. This is their big playlist, which was awesome. I think it’s #7 All-Genre fresh finds or somewhere sitting in there. We are on some really great playlists and Apple Music has really helped support “23 Days in L.A.” I can’t thank those people enough. The fans have streamed the heck out of it, they’ve posted about it, they’ve come to the shows, and they’ve sang it. It was really funny because I played in California this past weekend like an hour south of L.A. and I was like it’s kinda crazy thinking about how I put out this project and then a week later I was playing out there. They knew a lot of the words, they were singing it, and they’ve been super supportive. I can’t thank the fans and everybody enough for supporting the music. The way I wrote it is kind of the arch of a relationship that ends in general. Mine just took 23 days in a different state than where I live. But I think when you listen to it, it tells a story of a love that is lost.  A lot of people have said, ‘we get it’ or ‘we understand.’ It just happened in a different place for me.

I saw that you are going back on tour with Megan Moroney this fall. What kind of friendship do the two of you share and what song of hers is your favorite?

If you let her and I go out too long without supervision, something bad happens every time. We’ve become great friends. Megan is somebody that I owe a lot to because she really believed in me before I had a lot going on. I had just moved to town and I only had like two songs out and she wanted me to come out on tour with her. She’s been great and she’s shown me the ropes of being a touring artist and how to build a massive fan base that loves what you say to them. She’s been awesome, but friendship-wise, we are great friends. Like I said, you can’t let us be by ourselves for more than 15 minutes because we’ll have to call somebody’s attorney. As far as a favorite song, I love “Wonder.” It was her first song that she ever put out and that’s how I discovered her. I love “Girl In The Mirror,” “Traitor Joe,” and “Lucky.” There’s not a bad song. There’s just not.  She is one of the best songwriters in this town, one of the best artists, and genuinely one of the best human beings that I’ve ever been able to become friends with. She’s awesome.

What are you most looking forward to during her tour?

Probably getting back out on the road and seeing fans. We are out on the road for the next couple of weekends for festival season. It’s hot, so I’m kind of looking forward to being back where there’s at least a little bit of AC. Maybe not a ton, but there’s enough. A lot of these cities that I’m going to play in, I’ve never played at before or even been to before. I’ll be really cool to get out and see something new. I can’t wait. I have a couple of spots that are circled on the tour. Just getting out and being back on tour with Megan, her team and her band. I’ve missed the past couple of weeks not being out on the road with them. Megan has been awesome to me and I can’t wait for this second leg of our year-long tour.

Which song off of the new album do you most enjoy playing live?

“Run Away With You” does really well live. We played it this weekend and people loved it. So, “Run Away With You” I love. “Whiskey Smoke” is great live. It’s a little bit different from anything that I’ve done, but I think a lot of people like that. “23 Days in L.A.” is great. I’ve played the acoustic guitar at the beginning and I always find a way to mess it up, so that’s great. Probably “Run Away With You” though. It’s been a really cool song to play live and I’ve been playing it live for the past couple of months. Now that it’s out people are really starting to sing it back to me, which is super cool.

Fans can keep up with Logan Crosby on Instagram.

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