Logan Crosby Revealed As Jason Aldean’s Cousin On ABC’s ‘Claim To Fame’

Logan Crosby, the runner-up on ABC’s new show, Claim to Fame, confirmed the speculation that he is Jason Aldean’s cousin!…


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September 7, 2022


3:41 pm

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Logan Crosby, Jason Aldean; Photo via Facebook

Logan Crosby, the runner-up on ABC’s new show, Claim to Fame, confirmed the speculation that he is Jason Aldean’s cousin!

Hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, Claim to Fame holds twelve relatives of famous celebrities under the same roof in a Hollywood mansion – which Katy Perry previously owned – in a competition to see who can keep their celebrity relative’s identity a secret the longest. With challenges and clues along the way, the last contestant standing wins a grand prize of $100,000. Keeping his relation to Aldean a secret until the very end, Crosby ultimately was figured out in the very last “guess-off” on the finale episode, where Keke Palmer’s older sister LC was crowned the winner.

Music must run in the family because Crosby wowed the nation with his original song “If Jesus Was A Cowboy” in the talent show episode of the show that aired earlier in the season. The track is now available for streaming on all platforms and is penned as his debut single.

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The Georgia native expressed his gratitude in a heartfelt Instagram post after the series finale went live.

“Wow, thank you, thank you, thank you. it has been an honor and a privilege to be on Claim to Fame Season 1. since I was a little boy growing up in a small town in Georgia, all I’ve ever wanted to do is shine a light – to entertain people; to make people laugh, cry, to sing country music, to create something that made people feel something. and to say i am the most blessed person on the planet for that dream being able to become a reality through this show is an understatement,” he wrote.

“To my cast mates, I adore each one of you and love you like you’re my own relative. to the crew, the producers, the editors, publicists, and everyone in between, thank you. without your hard work and dedication, this show wouldn’t have happened! to Kevin and Frankie, thank you so much for being the most AWESOME hosts ever! to everyone who watched and let me into your homes every week, and allowed me to become apart of your family, it has been an absolute HONOR.”

Crosby went on to inform fans that he is relocating to Nashville to pursue music full-time.

“Even though Claim to Fame has come to an end, it’s just the beginning for us. entertaining has always been my passion, and as long as I can, I’m going to do just that. to all my new family, I look forward to staying in touch as we chase our dreams together. God is so so good. love y’all, y’all be good. see y’all very soon! next up: NASHVILLE. let’s go write some songs!!”

Brittany Aldean commented on his post stating, “We loved watching you❤️ Way to go, fam bam🥳” along with Kasi Rosa, Jason’s sister, who also shared a comment beaming for her cousin, “SO PROUD OF YOU!! You’re gonna do BIG things. Can’t wait to watch this crazy ride you’re about to go on. Love you!”

Aldean shared a recent photo as well as a throwback snap of him and Crosby stating, “Well I’m glad I can finally tell y’all to go stream @claimtofameabc on Hulu and watch my lil Cuzzin @reallogancrosby do his thing. Proud of ya man. Way to represent the family.”

Crosby is currently in Nashville writing songs. Fans can follow him on Instagram HERE.

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