Gabby Barrett Expresses Gratitude As She Prepares To Welcome Third Child And Release Sophomore Album

Barrett, 23, has a new baby and a new album on the way.


Madeleine O’Connell

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January 2, 2024


1:26 pm

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Gabby Barrett; Photo via Instagram

Gabby Barrett said her final goodbye to 2023 with a heartfelt message via social media paired with a photo of her donning a stunning, deep red gown that accentuated her baby bump. 

In her caption, the songstress celebrated the end of the year by expressing her gratitude for all the devoted fans who have continued to follow her career and shared her excitement for the days to come. 

A Gratitude-Filled New Year’s Message

She wrote, “Another wonderful year, 2023. Thank you to all of you for your continual support & love. Onto 2024! 🤍HNY!”

Gabby Barrett spent most of her summer performing as an opening act on select dates of Kane Brown’s Drunk or Dreaming Tour. Then on August 30, she and her husband of four years, Cade Foehner, revealed that they are preparing to welcome their third child together. The pair are also parents to Augustine Boone (9 months) and Baylah May (2 years). 

They made the announcement through a joint social post that found the lovebirds sitting close together on stage during a rehearsal. In front of them was a speaker with the message “baby #3” written on the front. 

On the third and final slide of the post, Barrett is seen lying down with a Baby Doppler on her belly, a device that allows her to hear the baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of her own home. 

“SWIPE for a surprise 🩷 #livingthedream,” the Pennsylvania native captioned the photo on Instagram. 

Gabby Barrett; Photo by: Todd Williamson/NBC
Gabby Barrett; Photo by: Todd Williamson/NBC

Leaning On Faith To Navigate Motherhood At 23 Years Old

Barrett’s life has undergone a lot of significant changes since stepping into the American Idol competition at just 18 years old. Throughout her time on the show, she launched her singing career and began dating her now husband. A year after their season wrapped, the pair announced their engagement and then tied the knot in Texas with a ceremony that took place on Oct. 5, 2019. Together, they have continued to grow their family while also working each day to strengthen their faith. 

During a recent appearance on the podcast Unexpected with Hannah Love, the “I Hope” singer took part in an open and honest conversation regarding her faith and how it has helped her find a balance between her career and life as a young mother.

“It would be nearly impossible to be a Christian and not seek counsel from other people, have the right people around you, and most importantly, to have God’s word in front of you and to constantly be in that, to have that be like your center point, your north on your compass,” she shared. “So that’s really what I do, and I’m really thankful to have a husband that helps and balances this so much more. I couldn’t imagine doing it all by myself. So I’m really thankful that God has worked that out to where we’re compatible in music. We do so much music together, and then we’re so much on the same page about the Lord and about what our mission is in music, and trusting that God will keep our hearts pointed in the right direction by reading his word and by always renewing our minds with it.”

Gabby Barrett, Cade Foehner; Photo by Getty Images for ACM
Gabby Barrett, Cade Foehner; Photo by Getty Images for ACM

Barrett went on to say that in a way, being parents has altered their perspective on their careers and the kind of music they strive to create. 

“We try to be intentional about what we do in music, what we talk about, how I dress myself, what are my children going to think when they look back on this? What have I left them, what do I want them to know about mom? All these things. So I try to think about all of that and take that into consideration while just letting the Lord guide and being in the word and trusting him with what he’s doing and staying firm and bold in him regardless of what that counter is going to be, which is hard,” she adds in conclusion. 

New Song, “Growin’ Up Raising You”

Amid all the excitement last year, Barrett touched on her life as a soon-to-be mother of three in her heartfelt ballad, “Growin’ Up Raising You.” 

“I’m only 23, I don’t have the answers to everything. I have not got everything figured out, I’m doing the best that I can while trying to raise other people to be the best people can be,” Barrett shared while discussing the story behind the song in a recent Instagram post. “It’s just so interesting and I feel so blessed to be able to have three little lives that I can help to flourish in life while I am also trying to figure out life myself.”

YouTube video

The tune was co-written by Barrett alongside Jon Nite, Zach Kale, and Jimmy Robbins and will be featured on her next project, Chapter & Verse, set to drop on February 2, 2024 via Warner Music Nashville.

New Album, Chapter & Verse

This new project was co-produced by Barrett alongside Ross Copperman and is expected to feature a collection of new songs that give a closer look into the different ups and downs that come with being a wife, mother, and more. The title, Chapter & Verse, is also a direct connection to Barrett’s faith as it refers to the sections and passages found in each book of the Bible and how they reflect her own journey in life. 

“I’m way more intentionally connected to these songs than my first album, I would say. Every song moves me in a certain way, and it’s just me grown up. The past years that I’ve lived, I’ve lived a lot of years in a short amount of time. It’s grown up, it’s fresh, and I’m hoping people really can resonate with it,” she told Entertainment Tonight. 

Gabby Barrett – Chapter & Verse

Fans have already gotten a taste of the album through songs like “Growin’ Up Raising You,” “Cowboy Back” and her Top 30-and-climbing single, “Glory Days.” 

Chapter & Verse will also feature songs co-written by Miranda Lambert and Luke Combs.

Gabby Barrett’s highly anticipated sophomore album will be available on February 2, 2024.

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