Georgia Webster Goes From ‘Zero To One Hundred’ As She Releases New EP And Prepares To Tour With Kelsea Ballerini

Things are kicking into high gear for rising country artist, Georgia Webster. She went from writing music alone in her…


Madeleine O’Connell

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September 23, 2022


11:29 am

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Georgia Webster; Photo by Miranda McDonald

Things are kicking into high gear for rising country artist, Georgia Webster. She went from writing music alone in her bedroom to getting into the studio for her first round of co-writes and receiving an invite to tour with one of her idols. Webster’s new EP, Chapter 1: Things We’re Not Saying is a true reflection of the current stage in her life and her dedication to her career. 

This round of songs is some of the first ones she wrote with other creatives since moving to Nashville, including award-winning songwriter, Josh Kerr. This collection is just the first installment of the two-part project that Webster has in the works as a result of her recent productive writing sessions. 

Georgia Webster – Chapter 1: Things We’re Not Saying

“Josh Kerr is one of the people that I wrote the songs with and he’s just so awesome. Just the fact that I’m able to work with them is so cool. So yeah, it’s just cool that I was able to collaborate with people that I’m fans of.”

She added, “When you do find someone that you click with, it’s just like, ‘oh my God, I could never have written this by myself,’ or ‘I never would’ve thought of this by myself.’ So it’s just cool to get someone else’s perspective and get someone else’s style and like mix them with yours.”

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The six-track project features two previously released singles, “I Hate Phone Calls (Long Distance Sucks)” and “Risk” ft. Jonathon Hutcherson as well as four new songs. 

As a whole, this EP encompasses a youthful point of view toward love and heartbreak, but her silky vocals bring a level of maturity as she dives into her true emotions.

“I just hope that they can relate. I feel like my big thing is, whenever I release something, I hope that they can relate to it. A lot of them are really fun jams and I had a lot of fun making them and so I just hope they feel that when they listen to it.”

Although this is her first experience co-writing, the 19-year-old is no stranger to the game as she has been writing songs since about fourth grade. She made the move to Nashville right after high school and has turned her passions into a career. Although it’s proved to be anything but an easy feat, she has persevered and is starting to see rewards because of it. 

“It’s just been a lot, like it’s been moving really fast and I’m really grateful that I can do this as my job, but it’s also just, it’s a lot. Everything’s moving so fast,” she shared. “When people are like, ‘oh, you’re not living life, like life is living you,’ I feel like that’s what’s happening. Like I’m just going along with everything and writing my music and things are just happening. It’s weird.”

Her momentum really started to pick up in July 2020 when her single, “Tell Your Mom” went viral on social media. From this point on, everything began to change for Webster. 

“TikTok is definitely what has got me here. So I’m really grateful for TikTok and ‘Tell Your Mom’ is what got me to Nashville. Then just from there, ‘X’s’ is what got me on this tour.”

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Much like her fans, Kelsea Ballerini also took a liking to her new song “X’s” which was teased on TikTok ahead of its release on the new EP. Ballerini was so enthralled with Webster and her talent that she decided to ask her to be the special guest on her Heartfirst Tour.

On Sept. 13, Webster was surprised with Ballerini’s official invitation for the 10-night trek. When she got on the phone for what she believed to be a standard interview, the “What I Have” singer suddenly popped up on the screen.

“I pick up the phone and at first, I couldn’t really tell cuz it was blurry and I’m like, okay, it’s just, you know, whatever. Then it cleared up and I was like, ‘holy crap. It’s freaking Kelsea Ballerini.’ I was like, ‘oh my gosh.’”

As a longtime fan, Webster revealed she was “freaking out” about receiving the personal invite. 

She added, “I had heard some things about how she was like looking for someone to take out, but I didn’t think it was gonna happen at all. So I was just so surprised.”

The two artists first got the chance to meet during rehearsals and it seems as though their friendship will only grow stronger and stronger throughout the all-female tour.

“I’ve been listening to her music for literally like since I was 10. So I was definitely starstruck a little bit, but it was really good. She’s so sweet.”

After taking a moment to process everything, Webster did the first thing that came to mind, tell her family the good news.

“I was like speechless, honestly. Like I was just sitting there, like, what just happened? My parents were sleeping and I like woke up my sister. I was like, ‘wake up mom and dad.” Then she woke them up and told them. They were just freaking out.”

Georgia Webster; Photo by Robert Morley
Georgia Webster; Photo by Robert Morley

Georgia Webster revealed she’s most excited to play the song that got her this opportunity, “X’s.” For the most part, this will be her first time getting to perform the majority of the tracks on her current EP. The first stop on the tour will take place in New York, NY, at Radio City Music Hall, which is a big leap for Webster compared to her recent performance experiences. 

“I’m very excited. I mean, it’s kind of weird because like Radio City Music Hall is the first show that I’ve played in a while. So it’s going from zero to one hundred.”

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