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Rising artist Elizabeth Donald may hail from Melbourne, Australia but she’s country through and through. Currently residing in Dubai, UAE…


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August 28, 2019


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ELizabeth Donald; Photo Courtesy the Artist

Rising artist Elizabeth Donald may hail from Melbourne, Australia but she’s country through and through. Currently residing in Dubai, UAE the singer-songwriter frequently makes trips back and forth from her home to Nashville to work on her music and record tracks at the legendary Blackbird Studios.

Thanks in part to her musical parents, Donald caught the music bug years ago. Her first taste of success came earlier this year with the release of her debut single, “High Definition.” The catchy love song soared to the No. 6 spot on the iTunes Country chart.

In July, Donald followed up “High Definition” with her powerful new single “Easier to Apologize.” The slow-burning ballad, written by lauded songwriter Hillary Lindsey (“Girl Crush”, “Jesus Take The Wheel”) and produced by a dream team that includes John McBride, Dan Huff, David Huff, and Dan Dugmore, touts the importance of forgiveness when exchanging heated words with a significant other. Already a standout track, “Easier to Apologize” has earned the approval from Grammy-winning producer David Foster.

Donald caught up with Country Now to talk about her new single and her excitement for her recent successes. Check out our interview with Donald below.

Melinda Lorge: When did your love for music begin?

Elizabeth Donald: I want to say in gestation because my parents were and are music nuts. I think I was listening to music pre-birth.

Lorge: What attracted you to the country music genre?

Donald: I love the storytelling of country music and the authenticity of it. It’s such a beautiful way to connect.

Lorge: How would you best describe your signature sound to someone who is just now discovering your music?

Donald: I believe my sound is fresh, but with a little added influence from artists of the past. For example, my first single “High Definition,” I asked for a little Bee Gees sound to be included.

Lorge: What does your new single “Easier to Apologize” mean to you, and how was it brought to you?

Donald: I came across this song whilst listening to hours of music with one of my producers, John McBride. Hillary Lindsey wrote it, so it certainly has her sound and incredible craftsmanship. It’s so poignant, in not holding petty grudges and forgiving.

Lorge: Earlier this year, “High Definition” cracked the Top 10 on the iTunes country chart. Where were you when you found out the news and how did you celebrate that accomplishment?

Donald: I was in Paris when “High Definition” was released, and I was at home in Dubai when it cracked the Top 10. I celebrated by messaging everyone at home in Australia at some ungodly hour! I also think I may have had a glass of my favorite red [wine] that night.

Lorge: What has your experience been like working at Blackbird Studio?

Donald: The best experience of my life! Blackbird and the crew at Blackbird are like family to me. I was there yesterday and just hung out with all my mates. It’s sensational.

Lorge: You’re originally from Australia and have recorded music in Nashville. How did you come to live in Dubai, UAE?

Donald: I was studying international relations and political science at the American University there. My mum has been doing a lot of work in the Middle East for a long time. I went there and fell in love with the country and all it has to offer. It’s incredibly innovative and spectacular to see a country rise out of the desert and become a thriving metropolis.

Lorge: Who would you say is your dream collaborator?

Donald: Ed Sheeran without a doubt.

Lorge: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received about being an artist in the music industry?

Donald: It’s an old one but so true –  stay true to yourself. Many people will tell you what you should do, be like, look like, etc. But at the end of the day, the only person you can be is you.

Lorge: What are you looking forward to for the rest of 2019?

Donald: I hope to record some more original material. I’m looking forward to telling my story!

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