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Spencer Crandall, a burgeoning country artist and Nashville resident, is making his mark on the genre in his own authentic…


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August 16, 2019


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Spencer Crandall, a burgeoning country artist and Nashville resident, is making his mark on the genre in his own authentic way. Since coming onto the scene just a few years ago, he has made interacting with fans on social media a high priority. The move has paid off immensely, as he has so far grown a loyal following of over 200,000 on Instagram, and 86,000 on Twitter.

It’s undeniable that Crandall is a star in the making. So much so that his catchy melodies and vulnerable song lyrics generate over 200,000 active listeners on Spotify each month. Crandall’s newest EP More, which dropped on April 12, also cracked the Top 20 on iTunes earlier this year. The nine-song project features a unique mix of styles that range from pop-leaning tracks like, “All We Got” to powerful country ballads like, “Kept Every Vow.”

More follows Crandall’s 52 Eighty Acoustic Mixtape, which debuted a No. 1 on iTunes Country Album’s charts in 2018. Crandall has already opened for stars like Big & Rich, Josh Turner, Morgan Wallen and Chris Lane. Country Now caught up with Crandall to talk about his newest EP as well as what drew him to the country music genre. Check out our interview with Crandall below.

Melinda Lorge: What drew you to country music?

Spencer Crandall: I grew up living the life that these people were singing about, and I have always loved storytelling. The combination of relating to the stories and how good the music was made it impossible for me to stay away.

Lorge: Who would you say you admire the most?

Crandall: My parents. They have sacrificed so much for me to get me to where I am [today]. I know how hard they have worked to give me the life that I have. I can’t think of anything more heroic than that sacrifice.

Lorge: When did you move to Nashville, and what were your first few months here like?

Crandall: I moved to Nashville in August 2016. The first few months were lonely, slow and frustrating. I wanted things to get going so bad, but they just weren’t. I also moved here with only a few friends, who all toured a lot.

Lorge: What’s the story behind your song, “All We Got?”

Crandall: [That’s] my favorite song to play live. It has such a complex and fresh production mixed with a simple message: I don’t need much as long as I have love.

Lorge: How about “Get On With Mine?” Did you write that song for anyone in particular?

Crandall: “Get On With Mine” came from personal experience. I so badly wanted to forget my ex and I thought if she got married that would help me move on with my life because I would know she was off-limits.

Lorge: What song on your More EP is most personal to you?

Crandall: “Kept Every Vow.” It’s a song about my parents and their love story. They’ve been together for 32 years and have been through everything. I love that song.

Lorge: Your social media accounts have become incredibly popular, and thousands of people have tuned into your music through digital streaming services like Spotify. What does it mean to you to have that kind of social support from the fans?

Crandall: It means the world [to me]. I could not do any of this without them. I am so lucky to have the love and support that I do.

Lorge: What do you currently have on your musical playlist?

Crandall: Pretty much all Jon Bellion, Billy Currington and EDM.

Lorge: What do you hope fans take away from your music?

Crandall: I hope they find a universal truth that they can relate to. I hope it gives them a new emotional vocal to use in their lives, through the good and the bad. I hope I can be a part of their best moments and their worst.

Lorge: What’s next for you?

Crandall: A whole lot more music and some awesome shows coming up.

Fans can find tickets and learn more about Crandell HERE.

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