Gwen Stefani Reveals How Falling In Love With Blake Shelton Changed Her Life

“When I [started dating] Blake, that’s when I felt home,” Stefani sweetly shared.


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September 27, 2023


2:28 pm

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Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton; Photo Courtesy of The Voice_NBC

Before Blake Shelton came into the picture, Gwen Stefani was fully immersed in the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle as a multi-selling singer/songwriter. However, everything changed after she met the country superstar on set of The Voice back in 2014.

Stefani is still pursuing her music and various projects while keeping up with her routines as a mom of three boys, but thanks to Shelton, she has also discovered a new kind of peace and comfort in a world in which she never imagined to find herself in. 

A New Kind Of Love

“He’s changed my life … when I [started dating] Blake, that’s when I felt home, like, ‘Oh, this is where I’m supposed to be, with this guy,’” the rocker admitted to PEOPLE

Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton; Photo Courtesy of The Voice_NBC
Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton; Photo Courtesy of The Voice_NBC

The pair of hitmakers currently spend most of their available time in their home near Tishomingo, Oklahoma, where Stefani enjoys tending to her garden and taking in the serene views that make her feel more connected to her faith.  

Loving Life In Oklahoma

“I am not really a dirt person, a bug person, I don’t like that much humidity,” jokes Stefani. “But it’s so beautiful [in Oklahoma], and you kind of feel like you’re going into this vortex. Nature — and God — is all right there.”

This is quite a different pace compared to Stefani’s 20s and 30s when she was moving nonstop, constantly touring, and making music with the rock band, No Doubt, before pursuing a solo career. During that time, she also tied the knot with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale. Six years after their divorce was finalized, Shelton came into the picture. 

Married On July 2, 2021

The unlikely love story between a California girl and an Oklahoma boy flourished for several years before finally saying “I do” on July 3, 2021 in a ceremony held at his Oklahoma ranch. From this moment on, Stefani became a part of his slower, countryside way of living and it appears that she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“I didn’t see any of this coming with Blake. This was just a big old ‘What?’” she shared before adding, “It was an amazing gift to experience love like that for the first time.”

Despite the fact that they are both still actively pursuing their successful music careers, Stefani admits that the main difference now is she has established a healthy balance in her life.

“It’s literally schedule, schedule, schedule. [But] there is a balance,” she explains. “For me the only way that I’ve gotten this far is with my spiritual faith and being able to take time out to pray. You see the miracles, and that’s inspiration and fuel to keep it going.”


Luckily for both of the artists, being fully immersed in the world of entertainment means that they have had plenty of opportunities to work together throughout their relationship. In addition to serving side by side as coaches on The Voice, the hitmakers have also recorded five duets together, including their chart-topping hits “Nobody But You” and “Happy Anywhere,” their Christmas collaboration, “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” and most recently, a cover of “Love Is Alive.

YouTube video

The Judds Tribute

Their rendition of The Judds’ iconic ballad, “Love Is Alive” appears on the upcoming A Tribute To The Judds album, a 14-track compilation project that commemorates four decades of the legendary country duo.

In a recent statement regarding the project, Stefani and Shelton revealed they were honored to be included in the tribute album that is set for release on October 27, 2023. . 

“I have always admired The Judds, and I am so thrilled to be part of this album,” Gwen Stefani said. “‘Love Is Alive’ is an iconic track and performing the song with Blake is a perfect way to honor their timeless discography.”

“The Judds are one of the greatest country acts of our lifetime. 80’s country music is my favorite decade, and I’ve been singing Judd songs for as long as I can remember,” Blake Shelton added. “‘Love Is Alive’ was on their first album, and we wanted to stick pretty close to the original version, and Gwen just nails the vocals. We’re thrilled to be part of this tribute album.”

Carson Daly, Gwen Stefani, Niall Horan, Reba McEntire, John Legend; Photo Courtesy The Voice, NBC
Carson Daly, Gwen Stefani, Niall Horan, Reba McEntire, John Legend; Photo Courtesy The Voice, NBC

The Voice

In between spending time with her family and working on new music, Gwen Stefani has also returned to The Voice as a coach following a brief hiatus. This time, she returns to the show without Blake Shelton as he stepped down from the show earlier this year after serving for 23 Seasons. 

“I was really weirded out like, ‘What’s it going to be like without Blake?’ But we are having so much fun,” she says of her return to The Voice. “At the end of the day, coaching these humans who are so gifted … I love it.”

Gwen Stefani is currently serving as a coach alongside Niall Horan, John Legend, and the newest coach, Reba McEntire

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