Hayley Orrantia Looks Forward To ‘Nights and Weekends’ in New Single

Actress and rising country artist Hayley Orrantia is back with a feel-good new single, “Nights and Weekends.” Penned by Orrantia…


Melinda Lorge

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October 7, 2019


9:06 am

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Hayley Orrantia; Photo by Matthew Berinato

Actress and rising country artist Hayley Orrantia is back with a feel-good new single, “Nights and Weekends.”

Penned by Orrantia alongside Robyn Collins, Alex DeCosta and Brandon Day, “Nights and Weekends” is about enjoying each and every moment, whether you’re at home, at a beachside bonfire or out on the town with friends. The dance-worthy track follows Orrantia’s emotionally-charged EP, The Way Out, which had her reflecting on the five stages of grief she experienced following her breakup with an untrustworthy ex.

Although Orrantia went through heartbreak, it’s clear that she has put her past behind her, as footage in this clip shows her smiling from ear to ear.

YouTube video

“The EP was a very personal project for me, and being able to channel all of those emotions into music was something I needed for myself,” Orrantia told Country Now of her EP. “But, after everything that I went through, and after diving into that emotion over and over again, I wanted to have a fun, upbeat song like ‘Nights and Weekends’ to come right after.”

“I feel like this new song is speaking to where I am in my life now,” she continued. “And just having fun and looking forward to all these awesome things to celebrate. It’s been a transition sonically, I would say, but they both came at good timing in my life.”

This is not the first time Orrantia has shown her carefree side to the fans. Before revealing boyfriend troubles, she released light-hearted songs like, “Strong Sweet & Southern” and “Give Me Back Sunday.” After sharing The Way Out, she decided to return to the kind of music she gravitated toward from the very beginning.

“I wanted to go back to that because it is something that I’ve loved,” she said. “I’ve been jamming to ‘Nights and Weekends’ in the car by myself because I love the song. I think that, as an artist, if you can put out music that you enjoy, and want to listen to yourself, then I know in my heart that I’m making the right choice by putting out my music.”

A triple-threat, Orrantia not only sings and writes music, but she also acts on the small screen. She’s already back playing the role of Erica Goldberg on ABC’s hit sitcom The Goldbergs. Orrantia, who divides her time between Nashville and L.A., says she makes sure to fit music into her schedule regardless of her busy lifestyle.

“It can be very hard. When filming, my schedule is fully dependent on what production needs,” she explained. “I do get a week off every month. And in those weeks, I focus all my time on music, and what’s coming next, whether it’s writing, recording or promoting a song that’s coming out. It can be difficult at times, but I believe when you truly love something, then you make it work for you timing-wise.”

Indeed, she’s making it work. In fact, Orrantia already has plans set aside for new music.

“The goal is to put out a new song every two months or so to keep the momentum of making music going while we’re filming,” she said. “I also plan on auditioning for other projects, like movies and things if I can. So I would say for now just trying to juggle making music as well as going on the road. I love to travel, and I love to perform, and as much as I can do that, I’ll take that opportunity.”

Fans can keep up with Hayley Orrantia on Instagram.

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