Hot Country Knights and Terri Clark Drop Steamy ‘You Make It Hard’ Video

With less than a week until the release of their debut album, The K Is Silent, country music’s most buzzed-about…


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April 24, 2020

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Terri Clark, Hot Country Knights

With less than a week until the release of their debut album, The K Is Silent, country music’s most buzzed-about new group, Hot Country Knights, unveiled “You Make It Hard,” a sensual collaboration with ’90s country star Terri Clark.

Like the rest of Hot Country Knights’ catalog, the tongue in cheek tune is filled with clever wordplay and innuendos.

“With an ache in my heart and blood rushing to my head,” lead singer Doug Douglason croons during the first verse, while the chorus finds Douglason and Clark singing, “You make it hard, hard for me to leave this room.”

In an interview with Variety, Douglason compared the duet to previous collaborations between Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

“It’s just like a lot of the great Tim and Faith songs back in the ‘90s that you can interpret any way you want to, but it’s just a song about her making it hard — hard for me to leave the room — because we like each other,” he explained.

Filled with passion and animal print, the accompanying music video features the duet partners lying in a queen-size bed, rolling around with each other on silky sheets. As Douglason and Clark frolic in the sheets, his bandmates hilariously spin the bed in circles and fan them with a large box fan.

“I saw a lot more of Doug than I really thought I ever would when we did that video shoot,” Clark recently shared with Variety. “He came out in a pair of Fruit of the Loom tighty-whities and some rather sexy snakeskin cowboy boots, and, well, I saw a lot. I mean, it was pretty hard to hold myself back, so it came pretty naturally. But I was afraid I was going to have to take an anti-nausea medication of some kind, because the bed was spinning pretty good there.”

“You Make It Hard” was produced and written by Dierks Bentley alongside Jim Beavers, Mary Hilliard Harrington, Jon Randall and Luke Wooten.

The song will appear on the group’s upcoming debut album. The 10-song project drops May 1.

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