Jameson Rodgers Bares His Emotions With Two New Releases: ‘Goin’ Crazy’ & ‘Holding Me Back’

These songs are just the beginning of the new music the country singer has in store for the year.


Madeleine O’Connell

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February 17, 2023


10:45 am

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Jameson Rodgers; Photo by Matthew Berinato

In celebration of kicking off the mockingbird & THE CROW Tour with HARDY on February 16, Jameson Rodgers has dropped two new songs titled “Goin’ Crazy” and “Holding Me Back.”

With each of these new tracks, the “Cold Beer Calling My Name” singer peels back the layers of his emotions to uncover a new side to his artistry while maintaining the hard-hitting instrumentals of the heavy drums and yielding guitars. They also mark his first creations with producer David Garcia and follow his previous releases, “Heartbreak Highway” and “I’m on a Dirt Road.” 

“Goin’ Crazy” explores the glee of a newfound love that keeps him up at night and makes him feel a good kind of crazy. Rodgers wears his heart on his sleeve as his love-stricken vocals highlight this exciting chapter through the mid-tempo melody. 

“Hey y’all it ain’t what you think / Yeah, I’m goin’ out of my mind / But my heart ain’t feelin’ no pain / It’s beatin’ better than it has in a long time / Rock bottom ain’t where I’m at / Someone’s been rockin’ my world / I’m callin’ her baby, I’m goin’ crazy / ‘Cause I’m crazy ‘bout a girl,” he sings in the heartfelt chorus of the song, which he co-wrote with Zach Abend, HARDY and Josh Thompson.

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In a statement to his label, Rodgers revealed that the idea for this song stemmed from a conversation that may be a little fuzzy, but still sparked something in his mind.

“’Goin’ Crazy’ is an idea that I heard in conversation with someone, I wish I could remember the specific conversation, but someone used it in a casual conversation we were having. ‘I’m Goin’ Crazy about whatever it was,’ I wish I could remember, but I remember my songwriting radar kind of went off and I remember leaving wherever I was and putting that title in my phone.”

He continued, “Well I had time, you know, later in the week or something, and I really thought about it and I was like, ‘you could make this into a love song kind of thing,’ which is not necessarily my wheelhouse per se but I kind of wrote down, kind of mapped it out how you could do it.”

Jameson Rodgers; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Jameson Rodgers; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Meanwhile, Rodgers changes his tune in “Holding Me Back,” which finds him stuck in a relationship that’s on thin ice, yet the pair just can’t seem to put an official close on their undefined status. 

He sings, “Holding me back in the back of the bar / While an old jukebox plays “Dust on the Bottle” / Holding me back up against her car / Like she won’t be gone when I wake up tomorrow / Never again turns to one more time / Then I’m the last thing on her mind / I’ll never let go when she does me like that / I wanna move on but she keeps on holding me back.”

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He revealed that this song was born from his annual cabin trip in January and serves as one of his first writes of 2023 with Brent Anderson Smith and Smith Ahnquist.

“They kind of brought this idea in and musically, it’s just something that has the kind of the 2000s alt-rock vibe to it, which is stuff I love and something that I don’t necessarily write all the time. So I immediately was on board writing it and our buddy Jake Mitchell was in there too. So yeah, it was born at the cabin, and it only took us a few drinks and a few hours to finish it up, but it’s one of my favorites, off the new stuff.”

In a recent post to social media, Rodgers teased that even more new music is on the way and these two songs are just the start. 

“Goin’ Crazy and Holding Me Back are out NOW!!! Got a lot of new music coming for y’all this year, hope you dig these first 2 songs 🤘🏻” he wrote in his caption.

Now that he’s ready to bring some fresh tracks to the stage, Jameson Rodgers will continue his opening stint with HARDY. the mockingbird & THE CROW tour is set to run through April 29 with additional support form Blame My Youth. Their final stop on the road will take place at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory in Irving, Texas.

Then, Rodgers will be joined by his wife Sarah Allison Turner for THE GOIN’ CRAZY SHOWS on March 23 (Louisville, KY), March 24 (Peoria, IL), and March 25 (Chicago, IL). 

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