Jay Allen Stays By Kylie Morgan’s Side At Emergency Room During Terrifying Health ‘Scare’

“Thank God she’s ok, but it reminded me that everything can change in a second,” Allen shared.


Lauren Jo Black

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June 13, 2023

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Kylie Morgan, Jay Allen; Photo via Instagram

Married country singers Jay Allen and Kylie Morgan had quite the scare on Monday evening (June 12) when Morgan ended up at the emergency room due to a frightening allergic reaction. 

Allen played the role of a supportive husband and accompanied the “Sugar Daddy” singer to the hospital after she began to experience symptoms due to an unlikely culprit: salsa.

After they got to the bottom of her sudden illness, Jay Allen took to social media to express his gratitude that his wife was going to recover.   

“We had a little scare tonight as Kylie had an unexpected bad allergic reaction to salsa of all things. Thank God she’s ok, but it reminded me that everything can change in a second,” he wrote alongside a photo of the pair at the ER. 

Allen went on to point out that moments like this can serve as a reminder of life’s unpredictability and said that he hopes to never have to feel a wave of emotions like this again as he was distraught over seeing his wife in that state.  

“I’ve never been so nervous as I sped to the emergency room, and I truly hope to never experience that feeling again. Holding this one a little tighter tonight…,” he said. 

Fans flocked to the comments section to share get-well messages for Kylie Morgan and offer advice in dealing with the allergic reaction. 

“We need to get the ingredients in that salsa to narrow down her allergy! OMG! So glad you both are okay,” wrote one Instagram user, while another shared, “Prayers for you both! Hope she gets well soon and finds out what she’s allergic to! 🙏🏻💞💙” 

Kylie Morgan’s ER visit took place just days after both artists performed in Nashville for various events during CMA Fest. 

Kylie Morgan; Photo by Hunter Berry, CMA
Kylie Morgan; Photo by Hunter Berry, CMA

Morgan performed at the Chevy Riverfront Stage on Friday (June 9) and also at Spotify House at Ole Red. 

Meanwhile, Jay Allen performed at the Hard Rock Cafe. 

The couple said “I do” last fall after having to postpone their wedding due to Hurricane Ian. They were originally set to wed in October, however, the weather pushed their Fort Myers, Florida wedding to November 27. 

They tied the knot at La Casa Toscana in front of 85 close family and friends.

Following the ceremony, they revealed that they were taking a non-traditional route when it came to changing their names.  

“I am honestly really excited to take the name Allen. We’ve been together so long, it feels like we’ve been married for years, but the name change will truly make it real for me,” she explained to PEOPLE. “What a lot of people don’t know is I gave Jay one condition if we were going to get married — I said, ‘I take your name if you take mine.’ Equality baby!”

Kylie continued, “My middle name is actually Morgan and Jay’s is Allen. So I said, ‘Well, I want to take the name people know you as. How about you change your last name to Allen?’ He said, ‘Well, then I won’t have a middle name.’ I replied with, ‘If you change your name to Jay Morgan Allen, I will change mine and be Kylie Morgan Allen.’ How I knew I was making the right decision? He did it without hesitation. Now we get to start our own legacy together as Jay Morgan Allen & Kylie Morgan Allen.”

After they officially became husband and wife, Jay Allen and Kylie Morgan shared several snapshots from their stunning ceremony with fans. 

They continue to support each other’s musical endeavors and often pop up on each other’s Instagram feeds.

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