Jerrod Niemann Shares His Favorite Breakup Songs In Exclusive Playlist Takeover

Jerrod Niemann; Photo by Ryan Hamblin
Jerrod Niemann; Photo by Ryan Hamblin

Jerrod Niemann is taking over the Country Now playlist this week, sharing some of his all-time favorite country breakup songs.

Niemann’s playlist takeover comes just after the release of his vulnerable new song, “The Blame.” The extremely personal song was written and produced solely by Niemann in the wake what he refers to as the “lowest point” of his divorce.

“Looking back on it now, those are not my true feelings about my ex. Over time, you come to realize that it’s so easy to place blame on someone else, when you should be pointing your finger at the man in the mirror – that’s when you truly start to grow and become a better person,” he acknowledges. “This song came from a fleeting moment of vulnerability while I was trying to make sense of everything. Divorce is never easy… but at the end of the day, she’s happy, I’m happy, and we wish each other the best.”

“The Blame” will be included on Niemann’s upcoming LOST & FOUND project, which will also feature his new track, “It Won’t Be Me.”

For his playlist takeover, Niemann hand-picked some of the best breakup songs by artists such as George Strait, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Alan Jackson, Dierks Bentley and more.

“To be totally honest, it was a lot tougher than I expected to narrow down the songs for this playlist,” he admits. “There are so many great breakup tunes in country music specifically, that my list could literally go on forever. But in an effort to make it a bit easier to pick, I decided to focus on curating a batch of songs that each have their own distinct perspectives when it comes to what a breakup feels like – that way, pretty much everyone will be able to find at least one track on this playlist that they can relate to, personally. And to make it even better – all the songs on this list span across several eras of country music, but they all manage to hit the heart just as hard, even when some have been around for nearly half a century.”

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