Priscilla Block Radiates Confidence In ‘Thick Thighs’ Music Video

Priscilla Block
Priscilla Block; Photos via YouTube
Priscilla Block

Priscilla Block is sharing a message of body-positivity with the release of her “Thick Thighs” music video.

Block, who rose to fame after going viral on TikTok, previously shared “Thick Thighs” with her social media followers. Now, she’s bringing the playful tune to life with a music video directed by Logen Christopher.

“I hope that this video makes you know that you are MORE than enough,” Block shared in a statement. “I spent so many years of my life, nitpicking every part of my body. I’m the girl that has tried and failed every single diet out there… ESPECIALLY THROUGH QUARANTINE!! One thing I know is that life is short. Eat the damn fries… wear the bikini… and twerk in the kiddie pools!”

“Thick Thighs” is an unapologetic anthem about women embracing their bodies, no matter their shape or size. And it’s totally relatable.

“I can’t be the only one who likes extra fries over exercise/ I never eat the produce that I buy, so why even try/ You can’t spell diet without die/ I’ve been eating carbs since ’95/ And I’ve heard thick thighs save lives,” she sings on the chorus.

Click above to watch the just-released “Thick Thighs” music video.

Priscilla Block’s debut single, “Just About Over You,” is at country radio now.

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