Jon Pardi Introduces Fans To His Pardi Animals, Including Johnny, June, Garth, And Trisha

Jon Pardi has a few familiar names living in his backyard and they are, Johnny, June, Garth and Trisha. But…


Madeleine O’Connell

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November 18, 2022

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Jon Pardi; Photos via TikTok

Jon Pardi has a few familiar names living in his backyard and they are, Johnny, June, Garth and Trisha. But these aren’t the country music icons, they’re his goats.


Finally time for a formal introduction of the latest Pardianimals! #countrymusic #farmlife #meetthegroup #petsontiktok

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When Pardi isn’t on the road or recording new music, he’s caring for these four-legged family members that live on his Nashville farm. 

YouTube video

He’s previously introduced the world to a few of his animals via social media, like his goats named Johnny and June after Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash and Garth and Trisha, inspired by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. Of course, we can’t forget about his goat named Oreo. 

During an interview on Amazon Music’s Country Heat Weekly podcast, Pardi went into further detail about all the animals that keep him busy at home. 

He shared that some of his other self-proclaimed “Pardi” animals include his cows Holly, Kyle, Opal, Daisey and Reba, his red calf. Then, there are his four dogs Gus, Charlie, Bear and Cowboy, who made an appearance in the music video for one of his fan favorites, “Tequila Little Time.”

“Cowboy, Cowboy’s good. Gus, Gus is good. Gus is chill, he likes the AC. Charlie is a psycho, she is a non-stop energetic French bulldog that just runs with the pack. And Bear is our little craigslist rescue. He’s an airedoodle and he’s not little, about 100 pounds,” Pardi revealed on the podcast.

In addition to making him a leading character in his music video, the singer has also brought Cowboy on the road with him in the past.

Much like his loveable dogs, Pardi finds that each of his cats also have their own unique personalities. The family which he calls, the “Catdashians,” were named after the popular celebrity family, The Kardashians. He found and rescued his felines named Rob, Khloe, Kim and Kylie while they were living together in a pipe. 

“Rob’s a tomcat so he’s just always chillin’, he’s getting fat. Khloe’s the hunter. She’s like really agile, she kinda walks like this, doesn’t like to be pet that much. Then Kim and Kylie are just lovebugs, they’re always around your feet.”

Jon Pardi explained that when they’re not doing their job of being “killers” on his farm, they have the ability to go in and out of their home as they please. In order to train them to use the cat door, he disclosed that his training trick is the tasty human snack, Cheez-It’s.

This is the first time the California native has owned cats so he said he’s “still learning” about these animals and the best ways to care for them.

“There’s actually a cat documentary on Netflix, it’s actually really interesting,” he said. “They used to be called the untrainable animal and I have learned that their genes have not really advanced from being primal, like they’re still kind of wild animals…they’re still not too far from when they first came about so they’re just kind of wild animals.”

Meanwhile, the care and keeping of his goats and cows falls on the easier side of his animals. 

“That’s the crew right there,” he said. 


After wrapping his headlining tour, Jon Pardi is enjoying some downtime before welcoming his first child with his wife, Summer.

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