Jordan Davis Reveals The Inspiration Behind Career-Defining New Album, ‘Bluebird Days’

The project includes the most honest songs Jordan Davis has ever released.


Madeleine O’Connell

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February 17, 2023

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Jordan Davis; Photo Provided

With Jordan Davis’ sophomore collection titled Bluebird Days, he dives into the depths of his true emotions as he reflects on the current stage of his life, how he got to this point and what’s to come next. 

“I think for me, the main thing I wanted it to be is the most honest record or collection of songs that I’ve ever put out,” Davis recently shared with Country Now and other outlets. 

Jordan Davis; Photo Provided
Jordan Davis; Photo Provided

For this next chapter of stories, instead of continuing with another EP like his last two projects, Jordan Davis and Buy Dirt, the country star chose to put together an album that contains a more personal and meaningful narrative. 

“I wanted it to be as creative as possible and, you know, I haven’t done a full album since Home State, so I wanted to get away from the EP thing and throw together some type of story.”

He explained that within these 17 tracks, the past is represented through songs like “What I Wouldn’t do,” “Sunday Saints” and “You’ve Got My Number,” while the present is portrayed in “Money Isn’t Real,” “What My World Spins Around,” “Buy Dirt,” and “Next Thing You Know.” Finally, the future comes to light in tracks like “Part Of It,” and “Fishing Spot.”

“Tying that all into what I feel like is a Bluebird Day, being an ideal, perfect day, which is where I feel like I’m at in my personal life, my professional life,” he added. “Then kind of tie it back into the song itself being a kind of a cautionary tale of, you know, it can go away really, really quick if you kinda lose sight of some really important stuff,” Davis added. 

At its core, the title stems from a duck hunting term that reflects “cold, clear skies, sunshine, and a strong north wind.” With all these variables, hunters have been likely to encounter some ducks flying overhead. 

However, Davis took this meaning to a deeper level as he looked at it through the eyes of someone who has seen great success recently. Over the past few years, Davis can proudly say he has grown both personally and professionally; as a husband and father alongside his wife and kids as well as in his career with multiple awards for his double platinum-certified hit with Luke Bryan, “Buy Dirt,” and several back-to-back No. 1 singles

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While his achievements show no signs of slowing down, Davis also acknowledges that he knows it could all be gone in an instant. This is echoed in the title track, along with the whirlwind that has been his life lately. 

“The song itself, for some reason, I don’t know why I felt like I needed to write on this,” Davis revealed in talking about his song “Bluebird Days.” “Maybe it’s because I’ve had some friends that have been married and they’re going through divorces right now, and it just seems kind of common. I wanted to kind of touch on that now that I’m a dad.”

On his journey of reflection through this honest track, Davis also thought back to when he directly experienced the effects of divorced parents, and how important it is to him now to maintain his relationship for both him and his wife, Kristen, and their kids, Elouise Larkin and Locklan Joseph.


“When I was growing up, my parents got divorced. I was 17 and I didn’t really think too much about it ‘cause I was going off to college and I was just kinda like, ‘well, I’m gonna be on my own anyway,’” he explained.

“Then here we are now, I have kids and it’s kind of back in the picture,” Davis continued. “I wanted to be honest with people that could relate to that. I also wanted to use that as a cautionary song for myself to kind of fight a little harder in some of those tougher situations now that it’s not just me and Kristen. So yeah, it’s a song almost to myself, just as much as it is to people that relate with that.”

The Shreveport, Louisiana native starts the album off on a lighter note with the upbeat sanction of “Damn Good Time.” This song balances out the series of heavy topics that he brings to the surface before landing on the final track, “Buy Dirt.”

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“The ‘Bluebird Days’ of where I’m at in my life is a damn good time. I mean, I’m having a blast. It’s been awesome to see my kiddos, you know, get to see them more, I get to make music for a living, that’s a dream,” he told the outlets. “I wanted this record to start in a way that expressed that this is fun. I’m super fortunate, super blessed and having a good time, but I know how fast that can go away.”

Overall, the collection of Bluebird Days features Davis’ signature sound that holds a tight grasp on his listeners, while also revealing a hint of his folky side through traditional lessons and his stand-out vocals.

In addition to “Buy Dirt,” Bluebird Days features several previously released fan favorites including “Money Isn’t Real,” “No Time Soon, “Part Of It,” “Next Thing You Know,” “Midnight Crisis” with Danielle Bradbery, and his latest single and fifth career No.1, “What My World Spins Around.”

Jordan Davis is currently on the road with Thomas Rhett on the Canadian leg of the Bring The Bar To You Tour. The trek kicked off in Vancouver on February 9, 2023 and will visit various cities around Canada through February 25. 

Jordan Davis will then hop over the pond for C2C Festival. He’ll also visit Australia this spring. 

Jordan Davis - Bluebird Days
Jordan Davis – Bluebird Days

Bluebird Days Track Listing:

1. Damn Good Time (Jordan Davis, Matt Dragstrem, Chase McGill)

2. Money Isn’t Real (Jake Mitchell, Jameson Rodgers, Josh Thompson, Sarah Turner)

3. Tucson Too Late (Jordan Davis, Jacob Davis, Josh Jenkins, Matt Jenkins)

4. What My World Spins Around (Jordan Davis, Matt Dragstrem, Ryan Hurd)

5. Sunday Saints (Jordan Davis, Jacob Davis, Benjy Davis)

6. No Time Soon (Jordan Davis, Jacob Davis, Josh Jenkins, Matt Jenkins)

7. You’ve Got My Number (Jordan Davis, Jason Gantt, Josh Osborne)

8. Next Thing You Know (Jordan Davis, Greylan James, Chase McGill, Josh Osborne)

9. Fishing Spot (Jordan Davis, Will Bundy, Josh Miller, Josh Thompson)

10. One Beer In Front Of The Other (Jordan Davis, Jacob Davis, Josh Jenkins, Matt Jenkins)

11. Bluebird Days (Jordan Davis, Jacob Davis, Josh Dorr, Chris LaCorte)

12. Part Of It (Jordan Davis, Jacob Davis, Matt McKinney, Jordan Walker)

13. Short Fuse (Jordan Davis, Paul DiGiovanni, Josh Thompson, Emily Weisband)

14. Whiskey Weak (Jordan Davis, Paul DiGiovanni, Jamie Paulin)

15. Midnight Crisis – Featuring Danielle Bradbery (Jordan Davis, Paul DiGiovanni, Derrick Southerland)

16. What I Wouldn’t Do (Matt McVaney, Emily Reid, Travis Wood)

17. Buy Dirt – Featuring Luke Bryan (Jordan Davis, Jacob Davis, Josh Jenkins, Matt Jenkins)

Produced by Paul DiGiovanni

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