Kane Brown and John Legend Debut Co-Directed ‘Last Time I Say Sorry’ Music Video

Kane Brown and John Legend just debuted the music video for their new collaboration, “Last Time I Say Sorry.”

The clip was filmed recently while both of the superstars were in quarantine. Brown and Legend are credited as co-directors of the clip, each recording their respective segments on their personal devices while in isolation (Brown on his iPhone and Legend on his Google Pixel and his MacBook).

Check out the just-released video above.

Ahead of Friday’s video premiere, Brown made a virtual appearance on CBS This Morning to chat with Gayle King about the song and his upcoming performance with Legend on ACM Presents: Our Country. Brown recalled the day they wrote the song, admitting it all came together pretty quickly.

“Me and John wrote that about an hour and a half. It came pretty naturally. We started talking about both of our relationships and usually, mainly guys in a relationship they’ll say sorry for something they did then they would turn around and they do it again,” he explained. “Me and John were both like, ‘that’s the worst feeling in the world’, so its kind of came naturally.”

The superstar said he thought of his wife, Katelyn, when they co-wrote the song alongside Matt McGinn and Andrew Goldstein.

“On my end, I wrote it for my wife, just saying that, you know, I never want to mess up. And I just want to love you for the rest of my life and never have to tell you sorry again,” he sweetly explained. “So anytime we ever fight, we kind of play that song and listen to it and it calms both of us down.”

Fans can tune into ACM Presents: Our Country on Sunday, April 5 at 8 pm ET to catch the television debut of “Last Time I Say Sorry.”

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