Kane Brown Reveals the Best Part About Being a Father

Kane Brown and Family; Photo via Instagram
Kane Brown and Family; Photo via Instagram
Kane Brown and Family; Photo via Instagram

Kane Brown may be a worldwide superstar, but at the end of the day, his most important role is being a father to his 5-month-old daughter, Kingsley Rose.

After she made her debut in late October, Brown instantly became wrapped around her little finger. In a recent interview with his record label, the “Homesick” singer shared his favorite thing about being a father so far and it all has to do with Kingsley’s adorable personality.

“I think the best thing about being a father is just watching my daughter grow and get a personality,” he shared.

Admitting that he will be able to “tell y’all a lot more in the future” about little Kingsley, Brown said he’s soaking up every moment with her.

“Right now it’s just watching her personality come in,” he gushed.

Brown, who has been open about lacking a father figure in his life, credits his mom and nana for being his mentors and raising him the right way.

“I did have my grandparents, and grandads that were around, but I was mainly raised by women and they taught me just how to be a southern gentleman,” he explained.

After growing up without a father in the picture, Brown has vowed to be the best father he can be to Kingsley. He even put his promise down on paper when he co-wrote the deeply personal song “For My Daughter.”

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