Kat and Space Cowboy Stun ‘American Idol’ Judges With ‘Shallow’ Performance

American Idol returned Sunday with more auditions, showcasing the talent the current season has to offer.

An exceptionally good looking couple captivated the American Idol judges with a performance of “Shallow,” the song made famous by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from the film A Star Is Born.

All three judges, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, were initially taken back by the couple’s looks.

“Good lord, are we filming like a soap opera, or it like, American Idol: Ken and Barbie,” Bryan quipped as the contestants walked in the room hand-in-hand.

After introducing themselves, Kat and Space Cowboy (aka Alex Cortez), went on to explain that they met at church and later connected on Instagram.

Kat and Space Cowboy’s quick performance of “Shallow” stunned the judges.

“I love you,” Perry confessed after their performance.

“Are you real people?” Bryan asked.

The judges explained that they had to vote on them separately, however, Bryan assured them, “It never happens like this, where both people really knock it out of the park.”

The judges then proceeded to give both Kat and Space Cowboy a ticket to Hollywood.

Watch their audition above.