Katelyn Brown Recalls the Moment She Knew Kane Brown Was ‘The One’

Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn have become one of country music’s most beloved couples. Fans have fallen in love…


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June 3, 2020

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Kane Brown and Wife, Katelyn; Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn have become one of country music’s most beloved couples. Fans have fallen in love with their adorable love story and have closely followed along as they began their life together. From their gorgeous Tennessee wedding to welcoming their precious baby girl, Kingsley Rose, people can’t seem to get enough of Kane and Katelyn.

While the couple is pretty much an open book on social media, there are still a few things about their relationship fans may not know. Katelyn recently revealed a few little-known details about their early days during an appearance on the Get Real with Caroline Hobby podcast.

“Me and Kane met through music,” she recalled. “My mom was taking me to auditions. I loved musicals and when I was about 18-19 I was living in Orlando with my manager. Kane was just starting out and we were working with the same producer out of Atlanta. I was recording down in Miami.”

“A year before we met, I wanted him to be the guy in my music video but Kane was not the Kane you guys know,” she continued. “Kane had his first sold-out show ever at a bar in North Carolina that night.”

Due to scheduling conflicts, Kane was unable to star in Katelyn’s music video, but that wasn’t the end of their story.

“We met a year later. Everything happened fast. It was instant,” she explained. “He just moved to Nashville and he was like, ‘come up here.’ We had the best time in the entire world. It was so spontaneous.”

After that weekend in Music City, Katelyn never looked back.

“We had the best weekend,” she said. “Hung out with all of his friends and I never left.”

It was sometime after their “spontaneous” Nashville get together that Katelyn realized Kane was “the one.”

“We went to Bar Louie in The Gulch and he was sitting across from me talking to me and I wasn’t listening because I was staring at him,” she remembered. “I was like, ‘I’m marrying you.’ He was just cool and didn’t try. He was so chill and normal. I was like, ‘you are my person.’”

Kane and Katelyn got engaged in the Spring of 2017 and wed following year. Their daughter, Kingsley, arrived in October of 2019.

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