Keith Urban And Lainey Wilson Drop Infectious New Duet, ‘GO HOME W U’

“Besides the fact that I love her voice, she’s got the swagger and attitude that fit so well with the song,” Urban shares of working with Wilson.


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May 6, 2024


10:34 am

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Keith Urban and Lainey Wilson attend the 2024 CMT Music Awards at Moody Center on April 07, 2024 in Austin, Texas; Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for CMT

Keith Urban tapped his longtime friend Lainey Wilson to bring an extra dose of swagger to his carefree new song, “GO HOME W U.” As the Australian singer/songwriter explained in a recent statement, the tune wasn’t originally written as a duet, however, when the idea to bring on an extra set of vocals was presented to him, the award-winning female vocalist was the first person who came to mind. 

“I wrote “GO HOME W U” in 2020 with BRELAND, Sam (Sumser) and Sean (Small),” said Urban. “We had a blast writing it.  It started out as a late-night drum loop, I grabbed a bass guitar and started playing a simple recurring bass line. Before we knew it, we were writing a chorus that could be sung by any drunk person in any bar anywhere in the world.”

Keith Urban, Lainey Wilson; GO HOME W U
Keith Urban, Lainey Wilson; GO HOME W U

Wilson’s authentic country-bred vocals meshed with Urban’s soulful sound makes for the perfect pairing to coincide with the late-night weekend anthem. 

“A friend of mine suggested the idea of making the song a duet and I immediately thought of Lainey,” he continued. “Besides the fact that I love her voice, she’s got the swagger and attitude that fit so well with the song.”

Wilson Says She Is “Very Proud” To Work With Urban

Luckily, it didn’t take much convincing on Wilson’s end, as she sees Urban as an artist that she has been able to learn from over the years. As a result, the Louisiana native admits she takes great pride in getting the opportunity to work with such a well-known member of the country music industry. 

“Keith has been someone in the industry I’ve taken notes from for a while now,” said Wilson. “From watching him at CMA Fest every year growing up to hearing the way he treats people up and down music row, he has taught me a lot. He’s a genuine supporter of mine and I am honored I get to continue to learn from one of the best. Getting to do a song with Keith is a notch on my belt I am very proud of.”

The Song Encourages Listeners To Enjoy A Feel-Good Weekend

Keith Urban describes the up-tempo track as being a “fuzzy good feeling towards all friends and strangers.” He takes the lead on the opening set of lyrics, which motivates listeners to leave their struggles behind and let the good times roll throughout the weekend. 

He sings, “Well, it was Saturday night last time I checked/ Overdraft on the card, but I ain’t gon’ stress/ Not at all, I’ll call the bank tomorrow/ I got some Titanic friends/ Yeah, we all get wrecked/ Order anything we want from the bottom shelf/ Livin’ large in a small-town bar.”

Wilson joins in on the chorus to create a string of comforting harmonies that further emphasize the song’s groovy blend of steady beats and epic guitar riffs. The narrative puts listeners right inside the setting of a bar, allowing them to watch the moment play out between a pair looking to extend the fun beyond the bar scene.

“Oh, I know that it’s closin’ time and/ I won’t lie, yes, I had more than a few/ And you know, I shouldn’t be drivin’/ I think I should probably go home with you,” the country stars deliver on the chorus. 

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New Album Dropping This Fall

“GO HOME W U” marks the third song to be released from Keith Urban’s forthcoming album, following “Straight Line” and his current single, “Messed Up As Me.”

The “One Too Many” singer’s new project, which has yet to be named, is set to drop this fall and will feature 11 total tracks that are expected to offer an array of styles and themes.

To find out where Keith Urban will be performing next, click HERE

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