Kip Moore Recalls Getting The Invitation To Tour With Sam Hunt

When Kip Moore first got the call with the opportunity to tour with Sam Hunt, he admits he “didn’t know…


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February 5, 2020

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Kip Moore; Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images, Sam Hunt; Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

When Kip Moore first got the call with the opportunity to tour with Sam Hunt, he admits he “didn’t know if it was the right thing” for him.

“We have very different fan bases,” he confessed to Country Now and other reporters prior to the announcement of The Southside Summer Tour 2020.

However, when he took some time to mull it over, the answer was an obvious yes.

“Number one, I really, really, really respect and like this individual a whole lot as a person,” shared Moore, who at the time could not reveal the identity of his summer tour mate. “We were very like-minded people.”

He went on to praise Hunt, because while their music and live show are different, they have both taken similar paths to get to where they are at in their respective careers.

“Even though we do something very different, I appreciate how bold he’s being throughout his career and done things his way,” he explained. “I think we both have a mutual respect, in that sense that we both know that he knows what I’ve created. I know what he has and he knows that I haven’t taken the conventional path and neither has he.”

Come May 28, Moore and Hunt will hit the ground running, visiting over 40 markets through September 26. Moore said he’s more than ready to get out there.

“I think, ultimately, it was just that thing of the two of us wanted to do a tour together,” he admitted. “And I got a call from him and thought about it for a little bit and just decided I wanted to do it and see what happens…. See if [his] fans look at me like I’m nuts. Are they buying and what we’re doing? We’ll find out.”

Travis Denning, ERNEST and a DJ set by Brandi Cyrus will also be featured on The Southside Summer Tour 2020. Tickets go on sale beginning Friday, February 14 at 9am local time.

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