Luke Combs Goes Vegan After Losing Football Bet

“I’m currently vegan, it’s horrible,” he admitted.


Melinda Lorge

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February 5, 2020


11:22 am

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Luke Combs; Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Luke Combs will have to keep an eye on what he eats for the next three months! During his hour-long chat with Bobby Bones on the latest episode of the BobbyCast, the country superstar revealed he is no longer allowed to eat anything with animal-derived ingredients, and it’s all because of a football bet.

“I’m currently vegan, it’s horrible,” Combs told Bones during episode #226 of the podcast. “I lost a bet.”

A self-proclaimed die-hard Carolina Panthers fan, Combs said he lost out on the bet to his keyboard player, who is a big-time Atlanta Falcons fan. The two buddies challenged each other during a game that Combs was sure he’d win.

“When the bet was being made, the Panthers were five and two. I was like, ‘Oh we’re gonna smash the Falcons,’ because they’re two and eleven. The Falcons just absolutely destroyed the Panthers. I think it was like 34 to 7 or something,” Combs, who bet his band-mate to grow out his hair, said. “We play each other twice a year. We’re in the same division. There’s a lot of pride involved.”

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time Combs was asked to go vegan as part of a bet. His manager, Chris Kappy, once challenged him to abstain from the use of animal products during a Carolina Panthers game against the Dallas Cowboys.

“Luckily, I won that bet,” Combs recalled. “I think they see me and they’re like, ‘This guy loves eating red meat and going hunting,’ which is a true statement. But, I think it’s something that people think that I can’t do. You know, they’re like, ‘No way, he can do that.’ And I’m a super prideful guy.”

“I think it will be beneficial,” he added. “I’m only on day three, but I’m not as tired sitting around.”

Even though Combs loves football enough to give up some of his favorite foods, he never considered himself talented when it came to playing football back in high school.

“I was horrible. I played defensive tackle,” Combs recalled while chatting about his early years. “I didn’t have the quickness or aggression, but I loved hitting people. It’s funny because I played rugby in college, and loved it a lot. But I was like a running back stuck in an offensive-guard spot. I always wanted to have the ball and run with the ball, but that was never an option.”

Football aside, Combs, who recently made his debut as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, also opened up about his experience on the late-night sketch comedy.

“It was awesome. It was the coolest filming experience that I’ve had,” he said of the show, which was hosted by Houston Texans’ J.J. Watt. “We were in New York for four days. I grew up watching SNL with my dad. It was very neat and surreal to be there and see the set because it’s so iconic. I’d definitely do it again.”

Combs will launch his What You See Is What You Get Tour, featuring Ashley McBryde and Drew Parker as special guests, on February 7.

Click HERE to listen to Combs’ interview on episode #226 of the BobbyCast.

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