Kylie Frey Turns Heads With ‘Spur Of The Moment’

Kylie Frey; Photo by Rachael Mason
Kylie Frey; Photo by Rachael Mason
Kylie Frey; Photo by Rachael Mason

Kylie Frey is making waves with her latest single, “Spur Of The Moment.”

The former rodeo queen brought the song to the top of the Texas Regional Radio Report earlier this month and now holds the record as the fastest-rising No. 1 by a female in chart history.

“I’m thrilled, so happy that my friend, and fellow songwriter Bri Bagwell and I are the first back to back female No.1’s in the history of the chart,” Frey shared upon hearing the news. “I’m pretty pumped about it!”

The Louisiana native, whose music has been fully embraced by the Lone Star State, brought the song to life with the release of her “Spur Of The Moment” music video. Frey told CMT that the clip “captures the lightheartedness and upbeat feeling behind the song, while also addressing the underlying cliché story of the cowboy always riding away.”

Frey hopes that fans will take away an important message from the music video.

“I specifically wanted to have an ending to the video where the girl finally realizes that the cowboy doesn’t always have to be the one that rides away,” she said. “I hope the takeaway from this video is that it is great to be in love and wait for your cowboy to return, but it is also more than OK to move on.”

Click above to watch the “Spur Of The Moment” music video.

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