Laci Kaye Booth Drops Fearless New Single ‘Cigarettes,’ Marking a Transformative New Chapter In Her Career

““This song tells the story of where I’ve been, who I was, and how I’ve become who I’ve become,” she explains.


Madeleine O’Connell

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December 1, 2023


11:08 am

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Laci Kaye Booth; Photo by Natalie Sakstrup

Laci Kaye Booth opens the doors to a new chapter of her career with “Cigarettes,” the first new single to come from the emerging star since partnering with Geffen Records.

Throughout her career, which began when she was just a young girl with big aspirations and endless possibilities ahead, Booth has experienced a whirlwind of ups and downs. She’s watched her dreams “fall through,” experienced the pain of being dropped by a label that once held faith in her, and knows what it’s like to feel kicked aside when life has already got you down.

Her New Musical Era Begins

She has already made it a point to be open and honest in her music over the years, but her newest release takes a step forward to explore her most fearless and unapologetic delivery to date. “Cigarettes” represents Booth’s reemergence with a newfound clarity and determination to showcase her talent.

Of the new music, Booth shares, “This song tells the story of where I’ve been, who I was, and how I’ve become who I’ve become. It’s a true-life story, not a highlight reel, with ‘Cigarettes’ having multiple meanings throughout the song. I wrote this song at one of the lowest points of my career and life, with my dear friend and producer, Ben West. It has sorrow, shame, grit, and hope written all within it and I hope the message that’s received from this is to learn from the hard sh*t, learn to let it go, and let it make you better.”

Music Video Out Now

Accompanying the song’s release is the official music video, which was filmed in Booth’s hometown of Livingston, Texas. Booth appears on the screen in a white silk, slip dress and settles in the row of gray-cushioned theater seats while staring up at the stage in front of her, images and memories of her childhood performances flash before her. The evolution of her career comes to life in a nostalgic way while the sounds of her breathy vocals slowly build up to the opening verse.

Then the camera follows her outside, offering shaky footage as she runs through the grassy fields of her town. These raw clips are interlaced with glimpses of Booth singing the new tune while the deep-rooted set of emotions spread across her face in the simple yet powerful execution. 

The final scene finds her returning to her humble trailer park beginnings in the small town of Texas that raised her. This cinematic project signifies her journey and how far she’s come since the days of living in a mobile home that she left behind after finding success on Season 17 of American Idol in 2019. 

YouTube video

“I learned sometimes your firsts don’t last / I learned to scream, I learned to laugh / I learned to live with my regrets / I learned I hate, I hate cigarettes,” Booth delivers on the chorus.

“Cigarettes” follows Booth’s 2022 release of “Damn Good in a Dive Bar,” which showcases a whole new level of confidence in the East Texas native through a set of intoxicating harmonies and authentic lyrics that romanticize the charm of a local dive bar. 

These two songs are just the start of what’s to come from Laci Kaye Booth’s new era of self-assured artistry that leaves doubt and regrets in the past.  

Laci Kaye Booth; Photo Courtesy Instagram
Laci Kaye Booth; Photo Courtesy Instagram

Touring In 2024

Laci Kaye Booth is also heading into the new year with a fresh set of performances on the books. She, alongside Logan Crosby, has been tapped to serve as a special guest on Kameron Marlowe’s 2024 I Can Lie Tour.

This trek will open in Columbia, MO on January 18 and continue with stops in Grand Rapids, MI, Bloomington, IN, Denver, CO, Louisville, KY and more. The run will come to an end in Tallahassee, FL on March 1. 

Click HERE for a full list of upcoming dates.

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