Laine Hardy Teases New Music and Reflects on Life After ‘American Idol’

The rising star says he is “excited to get back on the saddle.”


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March 4, 2024

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Laine Hardy; Photo Provided

In 2019, Laine Hardy took the country by storm with his stellar singing skills, coasting his way to the finale of American Idol season 17 and ultimately being crowned the champion over Alejandro Aranda.

Since his success on the beloved competition series, Hardy has seemingly taken some time away from the limelight, but country music lovers were thrilled to see that he took to Instagram in October of 2023 to tease his “next chapter,” which will hopefully include some more music. 

“Looking forward to this next chapter of my life. I’ve learned to just simply be grateful for anything, good/bad, positive/negative. It shapes you from who you were to how you were to how you are to who you are now. God’s word became a crutch for me throughout this process & it will stick like glue forever. He loves & accepts everyone, I’m no different than any of you. He’s a prayer away! All of my praise goes unto him & glory always to Him for my success before, now, and hereafter. (Ephesians 6:10-18) Also Isaiah 28:16,” he shared with his 532k followers.

In February of 2024, the Louisiana native confirmed in an exclusive interview with Country Now that this new era of Laine Hardy will include a great deal of new tunes, beginning with the release of “That Man” on April 26.

Life Since ‘American Idol

Kicking off the conversation, Hardy dished about how American Idol changed his life five years ago, ultimately paving the way for a country music career that he hopes to expand upon in 2024. 

“I won American Idol back in 2019, and that experience for me was really, I’m gonna say memorable, and something that extremely helped me to have the platform that I have today, and the time I spent with everybody over there was great, and I’m glad I got to do that,” he expressed enthusiastically before sharing what he has been up to since his victory.

Laine Hardy; Photo by Robby Klein
Laine Hardy; Photo by Robby Klein

“I moved to Nashville after that, and since me being on American Idol, I’ve written a lot up in Nashville, and I’ve just constantly been trying to hone my craft and skill that I have. Music is something I’ve always loved to do, so to be able to do it for a living and have fun doing it, is something special to me,” the 23-year-old continued.

Hardy Weighs In On Katy Perry’s Decision To Leave The Show

Admitting that his experience working with judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry was nothing short of spectacular, Hardy also shared with Country Now who should replace Katy Perry, since she announced that she will be departing from the show after season 22. 

“There could be two directions with that… If you want to go traditional American Idol, you can pull back Paula Abdul. If you want to keep going with these huge celebrities and stuff, Miley Cyrus or somebody around that kind of level,” the country crooner spilled, listing off two names that would be amazing additions to the American Idol panel.

Laine Hardy; Photo by David Bradley 1
Laine Hardy; Photo by David Bradley

New Song, “That Man,” Coming April 26

With American Idol aside, Hardy has been working on some original material as of late, and it looks like the first song that will finally come to light is “That Man.”

Hitting all music streaming platforms on April 26, the new tune finds Hardy discussing being a better man in all aspects of life, something that exemplifies the growth that he has experienced since winning American Idol, as well as who he hopes to be in the future. 

“Two years or a year and a half ago I wrote this song,” he prefaced, before delving into the details. “The message behind ‘That Man’ is basically to do better, you know, not a one-sided kind of better… The lyrics of the song, I’ll tell you right here, and it might kind of explain the meaning behind it, but…the first verse says, ‘I wanna drink less whiskey on a Friday / Put the down in the settle / I want to go to church on a Sunday / Talk to God a little more than I am / I want to be that man,’ That’s the opening lines of it.”

Laine Hardy; Photo Provided
Laine Hardy; Photo Provided

Does Laine Hardy Have An Album On The Way?

While the release of “That Man” will undoubtedly mark a turning point in his country music career, it is not the only music that Hardy has on the horizon, admitting that he is “building an album pretty much.”

When asked if there is more music to come after “That Man,” Hardy teased that there is another single that will be released shortly afterward. “I can’t say the title of it yet, because I want to be able to tease people about it with this information right here, but there’s also another one that is also being worked on at the same time of me getting all this recorded and mixed and mastered and all of that… First it’s gonna be ‘That Man,’ and then this other one’s going to come out sometime after that, and then eventually I’m building an album pretty much.”

Admitting that this album will be an improvement of his artistry and creativity, the rising star shared that he is “excited to get back on the saddle” and dive back into the country music industry. Naturally, fans could not contain their excitement, taking to the comment section on his Instagram profile to express their enthusiasm.

Laine Hardy; Photo by Robby Klein
Laine Hardy; Photo by Robby Klein

“Can’t wait ‘til Laine puts out new music and starts touring again… just love our Bayou boy,” one fan wrote.

“Everything he’s been doing lately has really excited his fans, me included!! We are hoping his new music comes out soon!! So EXCITED,” another gushed.

“So happy for you Laine. Very excited to see what is coming,” spilled a third.

A New Era of Laine Hardy

All of these new tunes will kickstart a brand new era of Laine Hardy, which he confirmed will be a stark contrast from the 18-year-old who won American Idol

“This release is gonna tease a new me, and a different sound that is more the way that I have always wanted it to be,” the talented singer/songwriter confirmed. “I’m slowly getting there. I’m never gonna be to the level of perfection of that, but I’m going to constantly work on making music that’s just better to me… I love music and just the world of it is really, really intriguing to me and I love to be in that world.”

Also Making A Return To The Stage

Aside from making music, Hardy plans to perform for his fans as well, with numerous shows lined up in Music City and beyond, notably at Nashville Underground in Nashville, Tennessee and Shoals Community Theater in Florence, Alabama.

“I have some things coming up at the end of May, and shows are still being added. So that’ll be updated once I get my website back up,” he teased.

Country music lovers can connect with Laine Hardy on social media @thelainehardy for updates regarding his new tunes, as well as any upcoming shows. 

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