Lakeview Shines a Light On Nashville’s Service Industry in ‘She Drove Me To the Bar’ Video

New country duo Lakeview is bringing their song “She Drove Me To the Bar” to life with a brand new…


Lauren Jo Black

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July 20, 2020

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Lakeview; Photo by Tyler Conrad

New country duo Lakeview is bringing their song “She Drove Me To the Bar” to life with a brand new video that shines a light on the Nashville service industry.

After a tornado tore through parts of Nashville in March, bar owners found themselves picking up the pieces from the disaster only to be left struggling to make ends meet once again when the COVID-19 pandemic forced a statewide shutdown.

The new music video, directed by Tyler Conrad, brings awareness to these struggles with interviews featuring two Nashville bar owners – Andrew Cook of East Nashville’s The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club and Kyle McPhee of Tin Roof 2. Throughout the clip, Cook and McPhee open up about the reality they’ve faced throughout the past few months and offer a few stories of hope along the way.

“We’ve seen firsthand the massive impact the tornado and the pandemic have had on Nashville, and we wanted to do something to help,” the duo’s Jesse Denaro explained to The Tennessean. “Luke and I, along with our amazing team came up with the idea. We thought this would be a perfect time – and a perfect song – to use to highlight how important local Nashville bars are to this community.”

“Nashville opened their arms to us,” Luke Healy continued. “We want to do whatever we can with the small platform we have created to shed some light on how integral these establishments are to Nashville and their surrounding communities.”

“She Drove Me To the Bar” was written by Denaro and Healy with Dave Thomson and co-produced by the duo with Jonathan Roach. Click above to watch the just-released music video.

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