LANCO Brings ‘Near Mrs.’ To Life with New Video Featuring Their Wives and Families

Photo courtesy LANCO

Amidst their dazzling performance of their latest single, “Near Mrs.,” LANCO incorporated footage of the leading ladies behind the song into the official music video. Directed by Devon Lancaster, the music video was recently released to YouTube. 

The footage shown behind the bright staging of the band reveals the beautiful message of this romantic song. The lyrics tell a story of all those lost loves that at the time, seemed perfect, but in reality, they were just a stepping stone that led you to find a new, better love with someone else, the right person.

“Here’s to all my near Mrs./ Give them all my best wishes/ And close call kisses that never came through/ Thank God I didn’t ever say I do/ Here’s to all the lost chances/ Last call romances/ ‘Cause if those near Mrs. had ever come through/ I would’ve missed out on you,” the multi-platinum group sings on the chorus. 

The video showcases the band members’ wives and growing families. Including their loved ones in the video correlates with the fact that they are so grateful to have found their current Mrs. because of “those near Mrs.” This relatable story follows the path that many are too familiar with. Saying goodbye to a relationship with a significant other can be difficult, but through this song, LANCO gives proof that “the one” is worth all the past heartbreaks in the end. 

Recently, the band had the opportunity to have their debut TV performance of their new single on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Although their wives weren’t present on stage for this show, it was still a remarkable performance for the band. Their energy radiated through each word as they entertained the audience through their vocals and instrumentals. 

“Near Mrs.” was written by members Brandon Lancaster, Shane McAnally and Jeremy Spillman.

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