Lanco’s ‘Rival’ Music Video Unites Underdogs From All Walks Of Life

“Not enough” “he hit me” “you’re unlovable” “cheated on” “application denied,” those are just some of the writings on the…


Melinda Lorge

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May 1, 2019

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LANCO; Photo Courtesy Sony Music Nashville

“Not enough” “he hit me” “you’re unlovable” “cheated on” “application denied,” those are just some of the writings on the wall featured in Lanco’s powerful music video for their latest single, “Rival.”

The clip, directed by Peter Zavadil and filmed in Nashville, opens up with a diverse crowd of people coming together from all walks of life for one uniform reason: to take part in shutting down the naysayers that have led them to believe they weren’t good enough.

Guided by sheer determination, the folks take turns jotting down a personal criticism they’ve faced in the past on cinder block. Meanwhile, Lanco band members, Brandon Lancaster, Chandler Baldwin, Jared Hampton, Tripp Howell and Eric Steedly, give a live performance of their underdog anthem complete with thunderclap drums and soaring guitar riffs.

As the video comes to a close, viewers get to watch the power of unity come alive even more as one crowd member takes a sledgehammer to the wall representing the group’s ability to overcome hate and judgment cast by others.

“We really wanted to capitalize on the true message behind the song that was built from different times in our lives and the stories from fans who have felt beat-down and lost, but ultimately find hope and redemption,” Lancaster explained in a press release. “Every caption on that wall was an experience that person had to overcome, and when it was knocked down you could feel the genuine joy from everyone on the set. It was a powerful moment I’ll never forget.”

“Rival,” produced by Jay Joyce, is the first track from Lanco’s upcoming sophomore album. The uplifting song follows the group’s 2018 single “Born to Love You” as well as their No. 1 hit “Greatest Love Story” from their critically-acclaimed debut album, Hallelujah Nights.

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