Larry Fleet Pours His Heart and Soul Into His Full-Length Album Debut, ‘Stack of Records’

Larry Fleet released his first record, Workin’ Hard, in 2019 with only eight tracks, but since then, a lot has…


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September 24, 2021


12:15 pm

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Larry Fleet; Photo by Matthew Paskert

Larry Fleet released his first record, Workin’ Hard, in 2019 with only eight tracks, but since then, a lot has changed, including his songwriting skills. The result of his hard work is a 14-track album titled, Stack of Records, which was produced by Joey Moi.

“There’s something for everybody on this record,” Fleet told Country Now. “It’s got some fast stuff and some country, honky tonkin’ stuff, it’s got some very singer/songwriter songs, so something for everybody.”

According to Fleet, Workin’ Hard had a quick turnaround, and they “blazed through” the recording process. With Stack of Records, he was able to slow down a bit and carefully sort through each song to ensure this album was going to be the best it could be. Because of all the meticulous work Fleet put into this project, he was left with some of his most genuine, raw songs yet.

Larry Fleet; Stack of Records
Larry Fleet; Stack of Records

“Now, we’ve taken our time and we’re able to focus in on little bits and pieces of the songs. We spent a lot of time and a lot of hard work on it,” he shared. 

Life has changed quite a bit for Fleet in just the last couple of years. In that time, he has become a father of two children, and he has gotten back out on the road, playing shows and festivals galore. Each stage of his life has brought new challenges and adventures that Fleet has documented in these songs.

“Three or four years ago, the person I was then is a little bit different now. Three, four years ago I didn’t have any kids and now I have two of them. A lot of things have changed in that time period, so I’ve been writing consistently in different parts of my life and I feel like it relates to a stack of records,” he acknowledged. 

This album is a look into Fleet’s life, and the inspiration he found in the stack of records that was kept in his Tennessee home growing up. 

“One of my things with writing Stack of Records was, growing up that’s how I learned a lot of different styles of music,” Fleet explained. “I learned how to play music from a stack of records that my parents had. We had an old record player, so I used to just sit up there, and I thought it was cool because it was vinyl, and you could put the little needle on the record. It was better than just pushing in the CD; It was something that was cool to me. I learned a lot actually from those records, from Willie Nelson all the way to Ozzy Osbourne or Otis Redding or Ray Charles, I love Ray Charles. I learned a lot of soul stuff, I learned a lot of songwriting country gold stuff there and then rock & roll, and everything from that stack of records.”

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Some of the tracks off this project have already been played on stage, including one of Fleet’s latest releases, “Different Shade of Red.” Fleet was the co-writer on every one of the 14 tracks and for this song, he sat down to write with Lindsay Rimes and Michael Whitworth. 

“I was proud of it and it’s a different sound for me. You hear “Where I Find God” and you here this and they’re two totally different songs,” he admitted. “Writing that song was about me being a little redneck growing up and I grew up right outside of Nashville, born and raised out there, so we grew up in the country. You’re kind of country, kind of redneck, but my redneck then was 100% different than what my redneck is now. Back then it was party with your buddies, running around and that’s how it starts off and ends up where I’m at now. That’s coming home, trading back roads for the driveway kind of thing. So, I might still be a little redneck, but it’s just a different shade red now.”

Larry Fleet; Photo by Chris Hollo
Larry Fleet; Photo by Chris Hollo

Last year, Fleet released the incredibly sincere single, “Where I Find God,” which has since generated over 18 million views on the enchanting music video. During his Grand Ole Opry debut on Sept. 17, Fleet performed this single and earned a standing ovation from the audience. His wife and kids were right by his side, supporting their father and husband on this special night. For his baby girl Stella, this was her first time seeing a real show and his son, Waylon got the experience of a lifetime, standing on stage and in the circle with his dad. 

Other co-writers that were part of the creative process on this record includes Rhett Akins, Brett James, the Warren Brothers and more. Fleet also got the chance to collaborate with well-known country music artists Jon Pardi, Jamey Johnson and Bryan Sutton on a number of the tracks. 

Tonight, Fleet will be celebrating the release of Stack of Records in Chicago, IL during his show at Joe’s on Weed St.

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