LeAnn Rimes and Chrissy Metz To Star In New TV Show, ‘Meet Your Makers Showdown’

LeAnn Rimes and Chrissy Metz are set to star in a brand new craft competition series, Meet Your Makers Showdown,…


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November 2, 2021


12:07 pm

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Mark Montero, Leann Rimes, and Host Chrissy Metz; Photo Courtesy Discovery+

LeAnn Rimes and Chrissy Metz are set to star in a brand new craft competition series, Meet Your Makers Showdown, coming to discovery+ beginning Saturday, Nov. 27.

Produced by Michael Levitt Productions, the six-episode series features four of the world’s top artisans in each episode, displaying their stunning handmade designs through challenges that work to test the contestants’ creativity, skills and passion.


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The new series will be hosted by multi-talented Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actress and country singer Chrissy Metz, who is best known for her killer performance in NBC’s popular show This Is Us. The star will oversee the competitors as they excel in categories including fluid painting, paper art, candle making, polymer clay, stained glass and artisanal soap. Agreeing to host the show was a no brainer for Metz, as she is an avid scrapbooker who has a passion for helping others achieve their dreams.

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“Crafting is bigger than ever and talented makers have turned it into a multi-billion-dollar industry,” shared Chrissy. “Each week, Meet Your Makers Showdown spotlights a new trending craft and the artisans who pull out all the stops to create inspirational, one-of-a-kind masterpieces.”

Other big names, including LeAnn Rimes and Mark Montano, will be joining the show as judges.


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Two-time GRAMMY Award winner Rimes is tasked with the important job of inspiration judge, a position that works to delve deeper into each contestant’s creative process in order to reveal what drives them to create. The actress and author knows a thing or two about creativity, as she herself has released her own candle line where she has worked hands on throughout the whole process.

Best-selling author, designer and TV host Mark Montano will take on the role of craft expert judge where he will evaluate each designer’s originality and technique.

“In every episode, these brilliant makers put their heart and soul into intense crafting challenges that truly stretch their imaginations,” LeAnn explained. “As a fellow artist, it was inspiring to see their incredible, creative ideas come to life and get showcased on this show.”

In addition to Rimes and Montano, a surprise guest judge who specializes in that week’s featured trade will join for an episode. Each week, one competitor will be awarded a whopping $10,000 prize.

For more information on “Meet Your Makers,” visit discoveryplus.com.

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