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November 2, 2021

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Dalton Dover; Photo by Todd Dean

Dalton Dover’s country music career may be just beginning, but his star is quickly catching fire. And, it’s easy to see why after listening to the rising artist’s voice.

A native of Polk County, Georgia, Dover, 23, first began singing in church as a kid. He later found his way onto Season 16 of The Voice, where he earned a chair turn from veteran coach Blake Shelton with his rendition on Keith Whitley’s “Don’t Close Your Eyes” – the first song he ever learned to play on guitar.

Two years after The Voice, Dover proved he was unstoppable. He began building an organic fan base on TikTok unveiling various impressive cover songs by artists from Luke Combs to Vince Gill. He also racked up over 4 million views on the popular video-focused platform with a mashup of some of his favorite tunes. 

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Now, Dover – a family man who married his high school sweetheart – is sharing his hometown pride and blue-collar background with the fans with his debut release of “You Got A Small Town,” out via Droptine Records. The track, produced by Matt McVaney (Kane Brown, Gary LeVox), showcases Dover’s soulful and gritty set of vocals on lyrics that highlight the beauty of small towns.

Dover, who is gearing up to release another track called “Baby I Am,” recently caught up with Country Now to talk about his musical journey, family life, latest singles, and more.

Read on to find out more about Dalton Dover in this exclusive Q&A below!

How did you begin your career in country music?

I’ve been singing since I was a kid. I grew up singing in church with my grandpa, and we sang every Sunday morning. That’s how I got started. You know, that’s the kind of story you hear from many people, but it’s real. I didn’t play guitar because I didn’t have a hankering to learn to play the guitar. But, when I picked it up, that’s kind of what put the cherry on top. That’s when I knew I wanted to do the artist thing, and it just grew from there. Now I am where I am today.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Luke Combs, for sure. I think I connect with him because he’s your typical blue-collar dude. He doesn’t have a six-pack and baby blue eyes. So, he’s one of my greatest influences in country music.

Tell me about your current single, “You Got a Small Town.”

Yeah! So, that was a song that I did not write. Some mutual friends of mine wrote that song. When I heard ‘You Got a Small Town’ – you know, I’m from a very small town – I just connected with that song on a whole different level. So, you know, I would’ve loved that song if anybody cut it, but that song hit home for me from the first word to the end.

YouTube video

How about your recent release, “With All The Memories.” How did that one come about?

So, I wrote that song with a couple of buddies. That song was tricky because I started the idea about three years ago and left it in my notes on my phone for quite a while. Then, when it was time to release something else, I started going through my phone. I didn’t have a plan for what I was going to release, but I knew that I wanted to release that song. At the time, I think that a lot of people in my circle, alone, could have related to it. So, I felt like it was the right thing to release it, and I’m super proud of it. This song did well for me.

YouTube video

Will these songs be added to an EP or an album in the future?

Hopefully in the future. My team and I were just talking about that earlier, so hopefully, we will have an EP with some of the fans’ favorite songs on there. We also have some songs, right now, that we are working on that I believe are going to connect well with the fans.

You also auditioned for Season 16 of The Voice. Did you have any takeaways from that experience?

Yes! So, when I auditioned for the show, I wasn’t new to performing or singing, but I wasn’t yet on the artist level. So, during that time, I learned how to be “Daltoned Over.” Like, I learned a lot about myself. I didn’t win, but I did learn how to do interviews and sing 100% better than I did before the show. So, it did help me. I also met a lot of friends that I still talk with to this day.

You also received a lot of support from the fans on TikTok with your cover songs. What goes into deciding what songs to play for your followers?

Yeah! So, Instagram and Facebook were my things before TikTok. But, when TikTok came along, it changed the whole game for me. What I do, is I go through the comments and find the songs that people are loving that day or that week, or I’ll put in the description of the video saying, ‘Let me know what you want to hear next.’ So, these people will start commenting there cover ideas, and whenever it’s time to post another video, I’ll go through the comments and play whatever they want to hear me play. Of course, it takes forever to make a great video! But, usually, I do a hundred videos before I get the right one, but hey, it always works out well for me!

As a country artist, have you thought about moving to Nashville?

I still live in Georgia. It’s a very small town with a population of about seven hundred people. But, no doubt, I’ve thought about moving to Nashville. I actually plan on making the move, hopefully, within the next year or two, maybe even sooner than that. We don’t know what God’s got in store for us. Right now, we are remodeling a place out here in Aragon, Georgia, so we will still have a home here that we are buying. But, hopefully, when It’s time to move, I’ll be able to bring my family with me. If not, we’ll work it out where I’m in Nashville for four days and home on the weekends. It might be rough for a while, but I think it would be worth it.

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What do you want fans to take away from your music?

Any song that I put out after anybody listens to it, I want them to be able to say, ‘Damn. That’s my life. If I didn’t live it, my best friend lived that a week ago.’ I want my fans to really relate to my music and feel at home when they listen to my music. I guess, I want them to feel how I feel when I listen to a Luke Combs song.

What’s next for you?

So, we’re working on a release date for my next single, which is called ‘Baby I Am.’ That one right there, I think, is going to be a monster for us! I’m excited. We’re calling it the ‘Wedding ballad of 2022.’ So, maybe that’s true. We also have a lot of other cool stuff happening for us right now. The next show I’m playing, Morgan Wallen, is coming to Rome, Georgia, on November 6. We’ll be doing the after-party for him. So, that right there is what we’re doing. Then, of course, we’ll be making trips back and forth to Nashville. So, life is really busy right now, and I’m hoping it will all pay off in the next year or two.

Fans can keep up with Dalton Dover on TikTok

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