Lindsay Ell Reveals How She and Carly Pearce Bonded Over Their Public Breakups

“I have a new best friend,” Ell gushed.


Madeleine O’Connell

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May 4, 2021


11:04 am

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Lindsay Ell; Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT, Carly Pearce; Jamie Schramm/CMA

Dealing with a breakup can be difficult for anyone, but especially tough for those who have to share this part of their lives with the public. Having a friend by your side during this time can make a world of a difference, especially if that friend really understands what you’re going through.

Country chart-toppers Lindsay Ell and Carly Pearce have recently found themselves in this position and because of it, they have grown much closer. As their friendship flourished over the past year, they became each other’s shoulder to lean on through thick and thin. 

During the live Q&A on the Country Now Live Series airing exclusively on CTRL_Music_ on Twitch, Ell was asked about this new friendship with Pearce and how they bonded over going through public breakups. 

“I love Carly, she just has such a sweet heart,” Ell told Country Now‘s Lauren Black during the live Q&A. “I’m really grateful for quarantine actually, for the fact that it brought us closer. And I think that, yeah, don’t all humans bond when they’re navigating through breakups? So, I think that’s definitely a moment that brought us together for sure.”

She went on to explain how she and Carly are alike in so many ways. 

“We’re kinda so similar, like we both love working out, we both love being healthy, we’re both obsessed about music, and so when we got to hangout a lot and just got closer, I’m just like we get along perfectly, this is amazing,” she said. “So, I love that girl so much, I’m so proud of her and yeah, I am thankful for quarantine because I have a new best friend.”


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Even their dogs, June and Hendrix, are best friends. 

“They’re crazy together,” Ell laughed. 

Both Ell and Pearce channeled their heartbreak into their music. Ell’s album, heart theory, details the seven stages of grief, while Pearce opens up about her relationship struggles on her latest release, 29

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