Watch Jason Aldean Perform ‘Blame It On You’ on ‘Kimmel’

Jason Aldean; Photo Courtesy Jimmy Kimmel Live
Jason Aldean Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jason Aldean got his band back together for a virtual appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday evening (May 3). 

The superstar performed his Top 15 and climbing single, “Blame It On You,” marking the late-night debut of the track. 

Co-written by Aldean’s bandmates Kurt Allison and Tully Kennedy alongside John Edwards, Michael Tyler and Brian White, “Blame It On You” finds Aldean crooning over a breakup and realizing that he’s the one to blame for the downfall of the relationship.

“I could blame it on the whiskey/ I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t even miss me/ Gave you a million reasons, girl, not to be with me/ / Should’ve never let you go/ Should’ve never watched you go/ I could blame it on a good high/ Let it take the blame for why you told me, “Goodbye”/ Instead of missin’ you and missin’ all those good times/ Should’ve never let you go/ Should’ve never watched you go/ I could say I never knew/ I could drink around the truth/ But I can’t blame it on you,” Aldean sings on the chorus.

The song became an instant fan-favorite upon its release and Aldean says he too fell in love with it immediately.

“When I hear songs like ‘Blame It On You’ that have more of a pop side but are still killer…I always want to see what we can do with it. The demo had this really cool auto-tune in the background that I immediately knew we needed to leave in there,” Aldean shares. “We ended up cranking it up and now it almost sounds like there’s another singer on the song. It’s just really cool. I’ve always said that just because it’s a slower song, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be edgy. You can still have some attitude to it.”

“Blame It On You” is featured on Aldean’s latest album, 9

The Georgia native will return to the stage during the upcoming two nights of JASON ALDEAN: LIVE at The Bonnaroo Farm in Manchester, TN, on May 14th and 15th. Limited tickets for Friday evening’s show are still available HERE

Click above to watch Jason Aldean perform “Blame It On You.” 

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