LISTEN: Britnee Kellogg Tributes Moms Everywhere with Emotional New Single, ‘Hey Mama’

“Hey Mama you got this,” Kellogg sweetly sings.


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September 29, 2021

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Britnee Kellogg; Photo by Lisa Hartz

Singer/songwriter, American Idol alum and mother Britnee Kellogg pays a tribute to all of the hardworking moms everywhere in her touching new single, “Hey Mama.”

The song strikes an emotional chord for mothers who are balancing chasing their dreams and raising a family as Kellogg sings, “Hey Mama you got this/ I promise you got this/ Pull yourself together it won’t be this hard forever/ You’ve got the strength of a hurricane/ You’re a Fighter in every way/ Hey Mama you got this/ I promise you got this.” 

Written by Kellogg and widely-praised songwriter Michael Farren, and produced by Autumn McEntire and Jared Conrad, the relatable track has already accumulated over 12M impressions on TikTok. A performance clip released a little over a week ago on the social media app has nearly 3M views.

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Acting as the voice for many women who feel that their struggles aren’t heard, Kellogg, a mother of three, has been able to create a unique connection with fellow mothers around the globe. 

“Balancing motherhood and music are the most challenging yet rewarding things I’ve ever done,” the singer shared. “Being independent, I run the show and its exhausting at times trying to balance it all. I’ve been told time and time again to focus on my babies, and asked how on earth I’m able to leave them when I go on the road…For me it’s simple. They get to see their mama follow her dreams with PASSION. They will grow up knowing they can do the same thing regardless of their circumstances. How freaking cool is that?”

@britneekelloggReply to @momma.and.wife We’re in this together, mama. #fyp #momma #mama #momsoftiktok #ShowYourGlow♬ original sound – Britnee Kellogg

“Hey Mama” also features a very special guest as Kellogg’s youngest daughter makes her recording debut singing on one of the track’s verses. 

“Hey Mama” isn’t the first vulnerable piece of music that Kellogg has released, as her track “Back of My Mind” also gained traction on TikTok earlier this year. With her honest lyrics, the singer has been able to continue to grow her loyal fan base.

After sharing the stages with the likes of Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Kane Brown, Chris Young, and more, Kellogg is currently on the road performing her new music.

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