LISTEN: Morgan Wallen Delivers On Promise To Drop Three New Songs

“As Promised,” Morgan Wallen is wrapping up the year with the release of a three-song collection titled, One Thing At A…


Madeleine O’Connell

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December 2, 2022

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Morgan Wallen; Photo by Spidey Smith

“As Promised,” Morgan Wallen is wrapping up the year with the release of a three-song collection titled, One Thing At A Time – Sampler.

These tracks serve as a preview for Wallen’s highly-anticipated third studio album, which he teased after the conclusion of his massive Dangerous tour.

The country star earned great excitement from fans on Thursday (Dec. 1) when he announced his 2023 One Night At A Time World Tour, and then revealed he was dropping his new songs, “One Thing At A Time,” “Days That End In Why,” and “Tennessee Fan.”

“Man, what a year 2022 has been with the Dangerous Tour. I had the time of my life, and I cannot begin to express how grateful I am that my fans connected with the Dangerous album the way they did,” Wallen shared. “I’ve had so many people ask me if I wanted to take some time off; but the truth is – I have been writing and making so much music in my off-time because I feel as inspired as I ever have. It feels like new songs are pouring out of me, and I love that feeling. We are going to run it back next year with the One Night At A Time World Tour. Bigger venues. New countries. Bigger memories. See y’all there.”

The East Tennessee native will bring this new music, in addition to his catalog of No. 1 hits and fan favorites, on the road in 2023 as he makes his way around North America with stops at 17 stadiums as well as various arenas, amphitheaters, and festivals. 

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“One Thing At A Time”

Written by Wallen alongside famed songwriters Ashley Gorley, ERNEST and Ryan Vojtesak, “One Thing At A Time” serves as the upbeat title track to the new sampler. While it evokes the same honesty that fans have come to appreciate from Wallen, the overall sound takes on a slightly different approach from the other two tracks as it features a bit more buoyancy in its raw melody.

Throughout the song, the country star makes note of all the bad habits he’s trying to nip in the bud, including a past relationship that he can’t seem to let go of. While he acknowledges these issues, he also makes it clear that they can’t all be fixed in a day. Instead of giving up things like smoking, drinking and his ex cold turkey, he decides to take things one day at a time instead. 

“I can either burn the bar down / Or I can take your number out my phone / I can give you up right now / Never want you back long as I’m half stoned / If you want me to quit you / Want me to get you out of my heart and baby off my mind / I hate to tell ya girl / But I’m only quitting one thing at a time / Aw yeah I hate to tell you / Aw yeah I hate to tell you,” Wallen sings on the chorus.  

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“Days That End In Why”

Upon first listen, it’s clear that Wallen’s “Days That End In Why” has a double meaning. Instead of just talking about the days that end in the letter Y, the songwriters took things a step further when they spelled out the word “why” to indicate that he’s spending every day asking himself that hard-hitting question in a post-breakup state of confusion. 

“I know how a goodbye sounds when it’s pedal down in taillight glow / I know what she said and I won’t forget where she told me to go / But, hell, ever since them Goodyears pulled right out my dead grass drive / It’s been nights that start with whiskey and days that end in ‘why’,” he sings in the pleading chorus. 

In this song, co-penned by John Byron, Blake Pendergrass and Driver Williams, Wallen ponders why his past lover left him and he finds himself enduring “’damn, I miss you’ Tuesdays” and “’take me way back’ Wednesdays.”

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“Tennessee Fan”

Fans already got a taste of “Tennessee Fan” when Wallen posted a video to social media in celebration of the Tennessee Volunteers’ victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide on October 15. 

Co-written by Wallen alongside HARDY, Mark Holman and Ashley Gorley, “Tennessee Fan” starts off with a reference to the ongoing rivalry between the Tennessee and Alabama teams. As the lyrics continue, it becomes clear that there is more to this story. 

The song evolves into a modern-day love story of a Tennessee fan who hits it off with an enemy, AKA an Alabama fan. After one night of talking, Wallen reveals that the girl has been persuaded to show her support for the other team, and because of that, regardless of who won the game, he still walked away with a win. 

Wallen continues in the chorus, “guess the joke’s on Alabama / ’cause they lost big this time / I’ve got the number one pick blonde hair, red lips brought her over to the other side / a little deep south delta Gamma / done found a Smokey Mountain man / she was raised roll tide ’til the day she died / but ever since that night she’s been a Tennessee fan.”

Fans will likely be able to hear these tracks live for the first time during Morgan Wallen’s 2023 One Night At A Time World Tour. The upcoming trek is produced by Live Nation in North America and Frontier Touring for Australia/New Zealand. The tour is set to kick off overseas on March 15 with shows in New Zealand and Australia with special guests HARDY, ERNEST, Parker McCollum and Bailey Zimmerman. 

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