Luke Bryan Predicts Will Moseley Will Make It To The ‘American Idol’ Finale After Yet Another Outstanding Performance

Moseley has showcased numerous impressive performances on ‘Idol,’ and his latest performance is no different.


Madeleine O’Connell

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April 15, 2024


12:41 pm

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Now that Will Moseley has officially made it into the Top 20 of this season of American Idol, he’s reflecting on the fact that his dreams of becoming a singer could be coming true right in front of his eyes. To celebrate his advancement in the competition, the Hazlehurst, Georgia native delivered a must-see performance of Drake White’s “Makin’ Me Look Good Again.”

Looking Back On His Journey To Idol

“It was just a few months ago I was out riding around just listening to music, doing my thing, and now here I am sitting on set of American Idol,” he said in a clip from Sunday night’s episode.

Will Moseley; Photo by Disney/Eric McCandless
Will Moseley; Photo by Disney/Eric McCandless

Moseley went on to explain that he is a first-generation college graduate in his family and as a result, he has something to fall back on if his musical ambitions don’t turn out as he hopes. 

“I graduated from Georgia Southern in May with a degree in biology. That’s something that no one else in my family has done. So I told myself after I graduated that I was going to give myself a year and go chase music and if it didn’t work out, then I was going to go back and get a real job.”

He continued, “I auditioned with an original song called ‘Gone For Good,’ and once my song was put in front of America, the song went to number two on the iTunes country charts. I remember pulling up the app and I looked and I was one spot behind Beyonce and one spot ahead of Luke Combs. It’s looking real promising that we’re going to give your two a shot.”

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Luke Bryan Predicts Moseley’s Spot In The Finale

Standing on the Idol stage with his blue jeans, flannel and red acoustic guitar, Moseley captivated the audience and earned approving looks from the judges as his rustic, gritty sound cursed through the soulful tune. 

Luke Bryan admitted he felt that Moseley was “spoiling” him and his fellow Idol judges because he continues to deliver “perfect” performances on the stage. He then asked how far the aspiring artist was in his two-year attempt to make it in the music business.

“May make a year,” said Moseley, to which the country star responded, “Yeah, so you’ve had a hell of 11 months.”

The show’s host, Ryan Seacrest then pointed out that the American Idol finale is in May, and that it would make a great story for Moseley to make it to the end at his official one-year mark. 

“I think you’ll be in the finale,” Bryan added confidently.

Will Moseley; Photo by Disney/Eric McCandless
Will Moseley; Photo by Disney/Eric McCandless

Lionel Richie And Katy Perry Offer Even More Praise

Lionel Richie then chimed in saying, “The rest of your career is going to be just magical because I love the way you do your thing.”

Katy Perry offered a mix of positive commentary and helpful criticism in her feedback. 

“That was just so solid. And then the stuff that you gave me at the end was real good. I love that. That was the frosting of it all,” she stated. “I definitely want a little bit more of that, but it’s just so amazing to hear even more of your story. It’s like you are at a fork in the road, you are going to be a biologist or a rockstar. 

“It’s a tough decision,” Moseley joked. 

“Destiny is in our hands in some ways, and you just got to take the step forward. And you did and I’m so glad you did,” Perry added in conclusion.

Will Moseley’s journey will continue on tonight’s episode of American Idol. Fans can tune into ABC at 8 PM ET/PT to see which hopeful contestants will make it into the Top 14. 

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