Luke Combs Teases Soon-To-Be-Born Son’s Name, Says ‘There’s a Theme’

Nicole and Luke Combs; Photo via Instagram
Nicole and Luke Combs; Photo via Instagram
Nicole and Luke Combs; Photo via Instagram

Luke Combs teased his soon-to-be son’s name during a recent interview.

Combs answered questions about his son’s name while speaking with Audacy Music’s Holly Hutton and Rob Stone at this year’s Tortuga Music Festival in Florida.

The pair challenged the country singer to a truth or dare-style game called “Truth or Uke” in which he was asked to draw a question from a hat and could respond truthfully or decline and play the ukulele. The first question Combs drew asked about he and wife Nicole’s plans for their son’s name.

“What does Nicole want the baby’s name to be?” Combs read the question before picking up the ukulele and strumming a song.

Following that question, he went for a second. This time, Combs drew a question asking what word his son’s name will rhyme with.

“It rhymes with orange,” Combs joked. “It rhymes with purple.”

“You can see there’s a theme going,” Stone said in response.

“There’s a theme going,” Combs agreed, laughing.

Luke Combs, Nicole Combs; Photo via Instagram
Luke Combs, Nicole Combs; Photo via Instagram

On a more serious note, Combs shared that he and his wife, Nicole have a “short list” of names for their son but are remaining tight-lipped about it for now.

Combs also said that as long as his son is “healthy,” the name “really doesn’t matter” to him.

“If a damn alligator can come out, it wouldn’t matter to me as long as it’s healthy…I would teach him to sing, teach him how to eat a cheeseburger, [and] I could afford a good coach,” Combs explained.

“I have been [plotting] the takeover of the Nashville little league in the next five years — finding the best kids, building this unstoppable little league team,” he later added.

Combs and his wife Nicole announced that they were expecting a baby boy back in January.

Combs posted a series of photos of he and Nicole, including a few shots of them holding an ultrasound, to his Instagram account, writing, “Here we go y’all! Lil dude Combs is coming this Spring! Couldn’t be more excited to start a family with this babe. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride @nicolejcombs.”

In previously discussing fatherhood, Combs shared that family is “important” to him and he doesn’t want to be “the dad that’s not around.” Combs also said he hopes his son can join him when he’s on the road touring at some point.

Luke Combs and his wife Nicole got married in August 2020.

Clips from their wedding are featured in Combs’ music video for his song, “Forever After All.”

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