Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd Learn to Juggle Parenting and Music

In the midst of raising their son Hayes, Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd recently released their infectious new single, “Chasing…


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March 18, 2021


1:18 pm

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Maren Morris, Ryan Hurd

In the midst of raising their son Hayes, Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd recently released their infectious new single, “Chasing After You.”

Their adorable son Hayes, who is about to turn one, isn’t walking yet, but the couple revealed that he is still keeping them busy.

“He gets around pretty quickly though for not being a walker yet. He’s fast. We can’t look away because he’s just across the room in a second now,” the new mom said in an interview on RADIO.COM’s The Ride with Kimo and Heather.

Hayes seems to still be working on the whole walking and talking thing, but at least he’s giving it his all. According to Hurd, “he’s a babbler.”

He says (mama and dada), but I don’t think he assigns it to mean us. I think he just likes the words. He’ll look at me and be like, ‘da da da da da da,’ like the opposite. So, I think he’s figuring out who is who,” Morris recently shared.


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Despite having an active little one, the couple knows how to shift from parent to work mode. That’s evident in the projects they are putting out together. 

During the interview, Morris shared her first impression of hearing “Chasing After You.”

“I think it’s just a beautiful song and it get’s stuck in your head, after like one listen you want to listen to it again … it has a ‘longing vibe,’” she said.

“It’s a long time coming, but it feels really cool that people can hear it and we’re just so excited to see the reaction, it’s just been awesome,” added Hurd.

When it comes to the music video for this song, all they needed was themselves and their love for each other to tell the story in this song.

Although they like to have fun together, the video has a pretty serious tone to it. That didn’t stop Morris and Hurd from being themselves when the cameras weren’t rollin though. Morris recounted what it was like to film the music video with her husband.

“We were definitely milking the moment of it, but in between we’re very silly and self-deprecating. That’s how you keep it fun,” she acknowledged. 

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