Maren Morris Details Her ‘Humble Quest’ On New Album

Maren Morris announced that her new album, Humble Quest, is set to release on March 25th. The news comes just…


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January 21, 2022


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Photo Courtesy Maren Morris

Maren Morris announced that her new album, Humble Quest, is set to release on March 25th.

The news comes just after the release of the lead single from the project, “Circles Around This Town.” The song is a ballad reflecting on Morris‘ journey in Music City as an aspiring artist. “Circles Around This Town” was produced by Greg Kurstin and Morris, Ryan Hurd, and Julia Michaels.

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Not only is it relatable to most musicians striving to make their dream come true, but it also has sentimental value to Morris – as a line in the song references back to her first two hits, “80’s Mercedes” and “My Church.”

“Circles Around This Town” has already received praise from fans and critics alike since its January 7 release. This single was the release week’s most-added country single at radio and earned the title, as well as broke the record, for Amazon Music’s most-streamed country song debut for a female artist.


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In the past five years, Maren Morris’ world has changed tremendously. She went from driving circles around Nashville to seeing her face on billboards, becoming a chart-topping artist, marrying her husband, fellow singer and songwriter, Ryan Hurd, and becoming a mother to their son, Hayes – all things to which Morris calls her “humble quest.”

The concept of the album was inspired by a question she often asked herself: “Am I humble enough now… maybe. Or maybe I still haven’t found it yet. Or maybe, who cares as long as your friends and, most importantly, you know what your heart is all about? But here’s to taking the quest to find out.”

The track-list was officially released and features 11 new songs. 

Maren Morris, Humble Quest
Maren Morris, Humble Quest

Maren Morris – Humble Quest Track Listing 

1. Circles Around This Town
2. The Furthest Thing
3. I Can’t Love You Anymore
4. Humble Quest
5. Background Music
6. Nervous
7. Tall Guys
8. Detour
9. Hummingbird
10. Good Friends
11. What Would This World Do

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