Matt Stell’s Mom is his Biggest Supporter, Until it Comes to his Tattoo

Matt Stell’s mom “came in hot” when he got a surprise tattoo in Vegas.


Madeleine O’Connell

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May 7, 2021


9:16 am

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Matt Stell and Mom Lisa Todd

Country chart-topper Matt Stell is so grateful for the support of his mother. And even though his mom is his biggest cheerleader, she also isn’t afraid to speak her mind and give some honest (and sometimes brutal) feedback every now and then. 

The Platinum-selling star recently opened up about his relationship with his mom, Lisa Todd, during an interview with Country Now’s Lauren Black on Connect with Country Now – a show on CTRL_Music_ on Twitch.

“Everybody loves their mom, but my mom’s been really supportive of me,” he shared. “My mom’s also a bad ass. You wouldn’t necessarily know it because she’s so sweet, but she is.” 

When asked about any advice or critiques that Stell receives from his mom on his Instagram posts, he explained that she definitely had something to say about a certain chest tattoo that he got while at a wedding in Vegas.

“She’ll weigh in – definitely – about stuff like that,” he explained. “I got this tattoo and she was super pissed and made sure that I knew about it, but it always comes from a good place. I know I can trust her to have my best interest in mind, but yeah, she came in hot!” 


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Lisa was recently the star of  short series called, “When Mom Comes to Visit,” on TikTok. The hilarious clips can be seen HERE. Hopefully, fans will be seeing more of this amazing mom on social media soon, or as Stell calls it, more “mom-tent.”

“My mom’s such a great sport,” Stell said on Connect with Country Now. “She’s so funny and any time she’s around, everybody’s excited about about having her around because she’s so much fun and a good sport. So, we definitely leaned into that and got some got some really funny stuff for for TikTok and the behind-the-scenes stuff.”


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As we await more “mom-tent,” Stell is back on the road and recently  released a cinematic music video for his latest release, “That Ain’t Me No More.” Directed by Dustin Haney and filmed near Nashville, the clip follows Stell’s character as he navigates life after a tumultuous past. 

As “That Ain’t Me No More” continues to climb the charts at country radio, Stell is busy working on his next project. 

“I love making new music,” he said. “I love the creative process there. I co-produced all my stuff, so I have a hand in the song from start to finish and I love that dynamic. So we’ll get back in the studio here sooner than later and then hopefully…have some new music percolating for the fall.”

Also this fall, fans can expect Stell to land on a new tour, which he says is “gonna be big and it’s gonna be fun.” 

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