Meet The Farmers And Learn All About The New Dating Show ‘Farmer Wants A Wife,’ Hosted By Jennifer Nettles

These four farmers are looking for love on FOX’s new reality dating series.


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March 7, 2023


4:27 pm

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L TO R Hunter, Ryan, Landon and Allen; Photo by Michael Becker, FOX

Four farmers are hoping to meet their match among a group of 32 women from the big city in Farmer Wants A Wife, an all-new unscripted dating show hosted by Jennifer Nettles.

The hard-working farmers—Ryan Black, Allen Foster, Hunter Grayson and Landon Heaton each host a group of single women on their respective farms while they trade the comfort and convenience of their city life for the charms and challenges of country living.   

Farmer Wants A Wife serves as a new take on the international reality franchise that has aired in 35 countries and led to 180 weddings. Even with all the success the show has seen so far, the hand-selected farmers weren’t too sure they would have the same luck going into the show.

Country Now recently sat down with each of the eligible farmers to get a glimpse into their journeys that unfold throughout this unique process of finding a forever partner.

“I’ve never watched a reality show in my life before this show,” Heaton explained. “So I had the same skepticism that everyone has, which is, ‘oh, it’s fake, the girls aren’t there for the right reason, oh, it’s trash fire tv,’ but they did such an amazing job trying to capture our actual everyday lives and these girls coming into it and how they could handle it. I thought it was extremely well done and I was overall very impressed.”

“Much like Landon, I don’t even watch TV that much, so I sure hadn’t watched a bunch of reality TV shows. Actually, I’ve never watched a reality TV show,” Foster added. “The whole thing was totally new to me and just basically something so foreign that I never even dreamed that I would’ve had that kind of opportunity. So that aspect of it was a little bit scary, but also really exciting at the same time.”

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They started off with a round of speed dating for the farmers so that they could narrow down which set of women they felt most drawn to and who they would be interested in getting to know more in this short time period.

“You go with your gut feeling on it and kind of move from there. Then you end up with five girls at your house and I’m just like, my house has never seen anything this pretty,” Heaton joked. 

From there, the farmers returned home with their selected group of prospective women and began to show them what it’s really like to work on an actual farm. Their dates didn’t involve helicopter rides or expensive shopping sprees, instead, the women took in all the highs and lows of living in the heartland while learning how to tend to the land, from feeding cattle to baling hay, and more. Taking part in this experience will prove just how far these women are willing to go for a chance at love. 

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Throughout all the rigorous chores and literal uphill battles, these farmers found that one of the hardest parts was balancing so many emotions at once. On top of that, they also had to maintain their patience with these women as they learned to navigate the foreign lifestyle. In doing so, they hoped to would receive the same kind of grace in return. 

“I’ve never dated more than one person at any given time in any period of my life. I say that jokingly, but there’s a lot of heartfelt feelings behind that cause you have to balance everybody else’s emotions,” Grayson explained. “We still got to do work. It may have taken us a good bit longer to get it done, but we were still being able to work. These girls put their lives on hold for us and just being able to balance that and make sure that we an equal amount of attention to each girl so that we could really sift through and make sure that they were gonna be the one that worked out for us, that was tough for me.”

Black added to this statement by saying, “I had to have a discussion where I wanted them to understand that if you catch me in a moment where I’m not as genuine or my emotions seem to be off track, be a little bit forgiving and maybe more so, not forgiving, but understanding because it was just a little different of a process. Like Hunter said, we wanted to come in and be genuine and kind of put their emotions and their thoughts and their personalities and all those things on the forefront. And when you multiply that, it’s a little difficult, but it also turns into a really beautiful thing because we were able to do that as well.”

While they may have had some hesitation at first, the men took the necessary time to independently reflect on their past experience with dating and ultimately, decided it was a good chance for them to step outside of their comfort zones. They encountered plenty of challenges along the way, but it appears that not one of them regrets taking part in this experience.  

At the end of the day, “this show puts the real in reality,” as Grayson put it because instead of traveling the world and having unrealistic experiences, they went about their regular routines. This allowed their partner to get a real taste of what their lives would be like if they continued pursuing their relationship without the cameras.

“At the end of the process, you realize, ‘I grew so much in that eight-week segment than I ever have,’” Black confessed. “So much personal growth. I feel so much more solid in who I am as a man. I mean, it was beautiful. It was awesome.” 

Once the process came to a close, these farmers seemed to gain a better understanding of why it has proved to be so successful in the past. They credited this to the fact that the women not only had to fall in love with the farmer they were dating, but they also had to fall in love with the lifestyle in order to make their relationship work outside of Farmer Wants A Wife.

“I think the fact that they get to see that aspect and live in it and get a trial run, you know, a 30-day free trial kind of deal, I think that’s what sets this apart and from everything else, just the fact that it’s just so genuine,” said Grayson. 

Farmer Wants a Wife premieres Wednesday, March 8 at 9/8c PM on FOX.

Get To Know The Farmers

Allen Foster

Age: 32
Hometown: Williamsport, TN
Current Location: Santa Fe, TN
Occupation: Cattle Rancher
Type of Farm: 200-acre ranch 
Education: University of Tennessee at Martin
Interests: Allen is an avid hunter and fisher. He also enjoys riding horses and driving ATVs.

Photo Courtesy FOX

Landon Heaton

Age: 35
Hometown: Alva, OK
Current Location: Stillwater, OK
Occupation: Cattle Rancher and Farmer
Type of Farm: 300-acre Cattle Ranch, 300-acre farmland and a 40-acre farmhouse property
Education: Oklahoma State University
Interests: Landon enjoys bow hunting and training retrievers. He also loves to cook.

Photo Courtesy FOX

Ryan Black

Age: 32
Hometown: Shelby, NC
Current Location: Gastonia, NC
Occupation: Horse Trainer and Breeder
Type of Farm: 44-acre ranch
Education: University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Interests: Ryan enjoys training and competing horses. He also loves to build and design houses.

Photo Courtesy FOX

Hunter Grayson

Age: 31
Hometown: Watkinsville, GA
Current Location: Watkinsville, GA
Occupation:  Cattle and Horse Rancher
Type of Farm: 200-acre ranch
Education: Northeastern Oklahoma and Athens Technical College 
Interests: Hunter enjoys team roping, free dive spearfishing and singing in his band “Hunter Grayson & The Hat Creek Band.”

Photo Courtesy FOX
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