Meg McRee Teases ‘High Energy’ Rooftop Performance At The Westin Nashville For 27 LIVE Music Series

Fans can expect a “high energy, vibey set” from the singer/songwriter.


Madeleine O’Connell

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July 18, 2023

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Meg McRee; Photo Provided

Rising Nashville singer/songwriter Meg McRee is gearing up to take the stage at The Westin Nashville as part of this year’s 27 LIVE series

On Thursday, July 20, she will join fellow country artist, Georgia Webster, for an unforgettable evening of music and stunning views. The series takes place 27 floors above Nashville’s bustling downtown area and The Gulch at The Westin’s L27 Rooftop Lounge. (RSVP to the show for free by clicking HERE.)

Catching up with Country Now before the show, McRee shared a sneak peek into what fans can expect from her set. 

We are gonna bring a high energy, vibey set. I guess we’ll be playing around sunset, so we’re gonna bring a lot of fun songs this time, like a few new ones and some I haven’t played in town yet that I’ve been trying out on the road,” she explained. “So, I’m super excited about that. And we’ll have the band. My band is amazing and I’m just lucky to have them. I can’t wait to do an in-town show ’cause it’s been a while.”

While she originally hails from Sugar Hill, GA, McRee has considered Nashville to be her home away from home ever since she first moved to town to attend Vanderbilt University. As a current Music City resident, she has grown to love the unique energy and familiarity that comes from playing shows at local venues like The Westin’s L27 Rooftop Lounge.

“Usually I see people I know in the crowd and it can be more, I guess, pressure-filled playing in Nashville. So you kind of turn it on a little bit more,” she shared.

Showcasing New Music

The upcoming show will give her the opportunity to showcase older fan favorites as well as some more recent releases, including tracks off her debut album, Is It Just Me? This collection features a variety of sounds among tunes like “Mary Jane & Chardonnay,” “A Lot To Say,” “Stardust,” “Tried & True,” and more.

When this project was first unveiled to the world in March of 2023, after nearly a year of putting the pieces together, McRee recalls feeling “nervous,” “excited,” and even a bit “relieved.” 

Meg Mcree; Photo Provided
Meg Mcree; Photo Provided

“I like to dabble in a lot of different lanes, so I feel like this record kind of shows my depth as an artist and my ability to do a song like ‘Mary Jane’ and then maybe have a tune that sounds a little more rock and roll and then have an acoustic song. I feel like it’s a sampler platter of me and what I do.”

“What I did on my first project does really feel true to me and I’m really proud of it,” she added. 

McRee will also reunite at The Westin with her friend, Georgia Webster, making for an all-female lineup. The pair first met in the community of songwriters and artists known as Girls of Nashville. From there, they’ve kept in touch and have even found themselves on stage together in the past. 

“We did a listening room round together, so we’re pals. I love her. She’s just the freaking cutest and the sweetest person ever. So I’m excited to hang with her and meet her crew,” McRee shared. “It’s gonna be so fun. She’s just popping off. She’s been on the road with Kelsea Ballerini and is killing it. So I can’t wait to see her show too, cause I’ve only ever seen her acoustic, I guess with a round setting. I’m pumped.”

Finding A Friend In Lainey Wilson

Meg McRee started the year out on a strong note, playing to new crowds on the road in support of artists like Morgan Wade and Lainey Wilson, who McRee looks up to as a “big sister.” 

“We have the same manager, but we met probably four years ago,” she began. “I was a fan of Lainey from afar. In terms of Nashville writers, she played a lot of the rounds I really wanted to play when I first moved here. I would go watch her and be like, ‘damn, she’s so good.’ She was kind of somebody I looked up to. So I got a DM from her randomly one day and she’s like, ‘I just heard this project.’ It was Ben [Chapman]’s project that we had both kind of written all the songs and she was like, ‘this is amazing.’ From then on we kind of started a friendship and she was a mentor to me in a lot of ways. Then I started working with her manager and we went out on the road together and I can’t say enough good things about that girl. I love her.”

McRee went on to praise the “Heart Like A Truck” singer for her own success as well as the support she’s given her throughout her budding journey. Not only has Wilson offered up her time to help write and record McRee’s song, “Tried & True,” but she’s even passed items in her wardrobe down to the Georgia native. 

“Behind closed doors, she is just good as gold, salt to the earth. She’s given me trash bags on trash bags with clothes, like so many of my show clothes are from Lainey, which I’m like, that is not a bad thing at all,” McRee continued. “There’s no one better. I mean, she’s just such a champion of other women and it’s so hard to find that. And she’s a champion just because she wants to be, like, she’s never in it to be like, ‘oh, look at me. I’m a good person.’ She just is. And that’s the kind of artist I wanna be.”

After touring with Wilson at the beginning of the year, McRee admits she’s picked up a thing or two from watching her star power come to life on stage. 

“She puts on a hell of a show. She puts on the same show, no matter how many people are there, no matter how many what mood she’s in, what happened that day, whatever. Like she’s a pro and that’s really what I took away from watching her do her thing was just the energy that she brings to the crowd. She gives her whole self to that show, and she gets off stage, she’s drenched, she’s sweating, she’s giving it her all and it’s been really inspiring to watch that for sure.”

Amid all the various shows McRee has in store for the year, she’s scheduled to appear in Vegas with Wilson in December. 

In addition to performing at the Westin Nashville, Meg McRee will take the stage at several fests and festivals as well as a few headlining slots throughout the year. 

The remainder of the 2023 27 LIVE series held at The Westin Nashville will feature more of Music City’s most promising new artists including David Morris, Kassi Ashton, King Calaway, Abbey Cone, Ben Chapman & Co, and more. Plus, rising country star, Taryn Papa, will serve as the host of the rooftop shows. 

No tickets are required to attend, but guests must be 21 or older. Each show beings at 7 pm CT.

For more information and to RSVP for priority entrance, please visit

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