‘American Idol’ Champ Noah Thompson Releases First-Ever Music Video

Thompson brings his song “Middle of God Knows Where” to life in the just-released clip.


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July 18, 2023


1:02 pm

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Noah Thompson; Photo via YouTube

Noah Thompson has achieved another first in his career with the release of his first official music video for his debut EP’s title track, “Middle of God Knows Where.”

Throughout the video, an incredibly raw display of emotions comes to light as a pair of exes find themselves lost in the memories of their past relationship. Thompson showcases a soulful delivery of the heartbreak-inspired storyline while the actors illustrate the pain of going through life without someone who was once a huge part of that daily routine. 

“Middle of God Knows Where” finds the singer/songwriter putting his heart on the line in hopes of resonating with his fans in a way that helps them through their own heartbreak. 

“‘Cause there’s only two bars in this ninety proof town / So many roads to drive down / There’s only one way to your best friend’s house/ She’d be telling you to swear me off now / Spinning my wheels / Hate how this feels / Damn, I wish I didn’t care / You sure as hell ain’t in the bottom of this drink / You must be out there / In the middle of God knows where,” he sings on the chorus.

While discussing the mid-tempo tune with Country Now, Thompson exposed the writing process that took place in Nashville alongside Allison Veltz and Eric Arjes.

“Allison had come in, she had sat down, and she had the title, ‘Middle of God Knows Where,’ and you know, at first it didn’t necessarily sound like it was a breakup song,” he shared. “It didn’t sound like that to me, but when she explained what the idea of it was, you know, it’s basically like breaking up with somebody, no matter where you go, you just can’t get ’em out of your head. That’s kinda what the song is saying.

He continued, “It fit what I was going through at the time. So it just felt good and I was like, we definitely need to write this. So that’s kind of how that came about.”


YouTube video

EP Out Now

This marks the first of four music videos to be released from his emotionally charged EP. The six-track project, which dropped on Friday, June 9, includes previous releases such as “One Day Tonight,” “Make You Rich,” and his cover of Rhianna’s “Stay,” as well as the long-awaited new track, “She Gets It From Me.” As a whole, these songs give a further glimpse into Thompson’s artistry and growing songwriting abilities. 

Noah Thompson; Middle Of God Knows Where

So far, the construction worker turned singer/songwriter has only released outside cuts, meaning this chapter marks the first time the American Idol alum has ever showcased songs that he had a hand in writing. The title track is one of these original works, along with the brand-new, “Us No More.” 

“I’m super pumped about it because, I mean, soon after the show, we had to get some songs together pretty quick. As far as songwriting goes, it was just me in my bathroom, but I’d never really shown anybody in my music,” he shared. “So on the show, I had some songs pitched to me and we went ahead and got some of them cut soon after I got off the show just to kind of have some in the process already,” he explained before adding, “During that time, I was kind of writing stuff also. I’m super stoked to see how people feel about the songs I’ve got to write on.”

Noah Thompson; Photo by ABC/Eric McCandless
Noah Thompson; Photo by ABC/Eric McCandless

The American Idol alum later teased that this is just the beginning of all the songs he plans to write and release throughout the course of his career. 

“I’m still so new to so many things. I had no idea, you know, you go into a room with three, two or three people and you write a song. I had no idea that’s how that works. So I thought that was really kind of neat. But yeah, it’s really cool. It’s a good way to express your emotions and get things out. It’s a cool way to meet new people also and make great friends a long way.”

On The Road

Noah Thompson is delivering his new music directly to fans while on the road this summer. He has several headlining dates and festival appearances on the books, including Jackson County Junior Fair 2023, Indiana Bacon Festival 2023, Lawrence County Septemberfest 2023, and more.

For a full list of Noah Thompson’s upcoming tour dates, click here

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