Mickey Guyton Dedicates New Music Video To Women Everywhere

Mickey Guyton pledges solidarity to women everywhere through the powerful lyrics of her newest song “Sister” and she’s taking her support of her fellow females a step further in the brand new music video for the song.

The just-released clip highlights women of various sizes and ethnic groups, conveying a message that women should stand together and support each other.

“No matter what you look like, where you’re from, we’re all sisters,” Guyton wrote on YouTube following the premiere of the video.

The Texas native worked closely with director Chelsea Thompson on the concept for the video and even had a hand in casting the women who appear alongside her in the clip.

“It was so important to me to not only feature some of my dearest friends in this video, but to represent all types of ‘sisters’ so when women watch this video, they see someone who looks like them,” Guyton shares. “It is more important than ever to show diversity and that country music is for everyone.”

The song’s empowering lyrics find Guyton vowing to stand by her sisters, no matter what.

“Sister / I got your back on the long drunk stumble home / Sister / I’ll be your hell yeah, when all you ever heard was no / I’m your speed dial call / I’m your late-night cry / I’m your shotgun seat / Yeah, I’m your ride or die / Sister,” she sings throughout the chorus.

Mickey Guyton co-wrote “Sister” alongside Nathan Spicer and Victoria Banks. The powerful song was written during a time when the songstress stepped away from the spotlight to focus on her songwriting. Produced by Forest Glen Whitehead, “Sister” serves as the introduction to the much-anticipated next chapter of Guyton’s career.

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