Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin’s Marriage Is ‘Golden’

Miranda Lambert, Brendan McLoughlin
Miranda Lambert, Brendan McLoughlin; Photo via Instagram
Miranda Lambert, Brendan McLoughlin

While the coronavirus-induced quarantine forced several celebrity couples into divorce, Miranda Lambert says she and her husband Brendan McLoughlin are better than ever.

The superstar recently appeared on the Taste of Country Nights radio show where she dished on their marriage and joked that their marriage can survive anything after this.

“We’re pretty much newlyweds since we’ve only been married a year and a half, but we’ve already survived a pandemic so I think we’re golden,” the “Bluebird” singer shared.

She went on to reveal what she’s learned about her former NYPD-hubby during the time they’ve been at home together.

“He loves to clean, and I knew that but it has really come in handy,” Lambert said. “The whole routine: make a meal, clean it up, make a meal, clean it up. We’ve had fun.”

Miranda and Brendan have made the most of their time in quarantine by not only spending time at home together but by traveling the country in their new brand new Airstream. Their 1,000 mile road trip took them to a few really cool places and allow them the opportunity to visit with family.

“We went through Pigeon Forge, up through Virginia, which is so beautiful, and stopped in Pennsylvania at a really cool KOA in Hershey,” Lambert revealed, “and then we went on to see family and my stepson and camped our way back down but went a different route.”

The two-time Grammy winner said that an adventure out west might be on the books for the pair this fall.

“I travel for a living, but I don’t see much,” she explained. “That is the way to actually experience things.”

Lambert is currently sitting at the top of the charts at country radio with her latest single, “Bluebird.” The track marks the Texas native’s seventh No.1 single and first in six years. “Bluebird” is the second radio single from Lambert‘s latest album, Wildcard.

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