Mitch Rossell Recruits Trisha Yearwood For Impassioned ‘Ran into You’ Duet

Mitch Rossell, Trisha Yearwood
Mitch Rossell, Trisha Yearwood
Mitch Rossell, Trisha Yearwood

Country singer/songwriter Mitch Rossell recruited a country superstar to join him on his new single, “Ran Into You.”

The emotional track, which premiered on People ahead of its release, features vocals from country powerhouse Trisha Yearwood and tells the story of finding love and light at the end of what may seem like an endless tunnel of darkness. Rossell leads with each verse in the song before Yearwood accompanies him on the chorus.

“I ran like hell to nowhere fast / From myself / From my past / From my hometown and everyone I ever knew / I ran from God when he got too close / I ran from love and the hearts I broke / And from all the wreckage I left in my rear-view / All I ever knew was running / Til I ran into you,” the two artists sing together, putting their incredible harmonies and equally incredible musical chemistry on full display.

This marks Rossell and Yearwood’s first duet together, which may come as a surprise to some listeners since Rossell has a history working with Yearwood’s superstar husband Garth Brooks. Fans may recall, Rossell wrote Brooks’ 2017 smash hit “Ask Me How I Know.” He also has credits on songs like “Dive Bar” featuring Blake Shelton, “All Day Long,” and “That’s What Cowboys Do,” all of which appear on Brooks’ latest album, Fun.

Opening up about the release, both Rossell and Yearwood shared their excitement for having gotten to collaborate on the track.

“I couldn’t get enough of the ‘it’ that she brought to this track.” Rossell gushed of Yearwood’s vocals on the song. “I still can’t believe she graced my song with her talent. This one is gonna be damn hard to top.”

Yearwood added, “I’ve been a Mitch Rossell fan since the first time I heard his voice…. I’ve been waiting patiently for him to ask me to sing on one of his records, ha! He finally did. I absolutely love ‘Ran Into You.’ It was a joy to sing with Mitch, and I can’t get the song out of my head. That’s a good sign!”

“Ran Into You,” written by Rossell with Tommy Karlas and Dave Turnbull, follows Rossell’s recent single, “2020.”

Listen to “Ran Into You” in the clip above.