Morgan Wade Releases ’80’s Movie’ From Upcoming ‘Psychopath’ Album

“‘80’s movie’ is fun, melodic and light-hearted,” Wade explains of the track.


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July 17, 2023

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Morgan Wade; Photo Courtesy of Matthew Berinato

Morgan Wade released another sneak peek of what is to come on her highly anticipated sophomore album, Psychopath. Ahead of the August 25 release of the project, she dropped the track “80’s Movie,” along with the official music video.

“80’s Movie” was written by Wade and her recurring collaborator Sadler Vaden. It is a cheerful, upbeat, summertime love ballad that makes listeners feel as if they’re part of a movie scene.

“If you want to feel instantly happy, you can watch a feel-good movie from the 80’s and it’ll cheer you right up” said Wade. “That nostalgic, joyful sentiment is what we were channeling when writing this song and I think we got there. ‘80’s movie’ is fun, melodic and light-hearted and I am so excited it’s finally here.”

YouTube video

Wade’s newest single has a different feel to it and it references iconic 80s movies including the classics such as “Dirty Dancing” and “When Harry Met Sally.”

“The way you grabbed me / When Harry met Sally / You made me laugh / Like an 80’s movie

/ You drove me crazy / Like Baby and Swayze / Laying in the grass / Like an 80’s movie,” Wade sings in the chorus.

The 13- track record, overall, is a collection of the stages she’s passed through over the last two years, and how she’s managed the ups and downs of it all.

Morgan Wade 'Psychopath' Album Art
Morgan Wade ‘Psychopath’ Album Art

“I mean I think that this whole record in itself is just where I’ve been over the last two years of my life,” Wade stated in a release. “It’s the ups and downs of all that, so I think it was nice to kind of have something on there that’s not super sad. Because obviously you have the sad moments in life, but you’ve got the fun moments too.” 

She continued, “I mean I’ve been writing songs since I was seven years old, and they’ve always been kind of sad songs. But even when I’m in a happy place, I really connect with the deeper songs and the deeper lyrics. And that’s what I enjoy.”

Psychopath is Morgan Wade’s second album following her debut album Reckless. With Reckless having great success, Wade put pressure on herself to outdo what she had already done. She recently reflected on the writing process of her newest album and how it all came together in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1

“I feel like I had put a lot of pressure on myself because this is the follow-up to Reckless, and Reckless did so well,” Wade shared. “I was trying to write these songs and I was like, “This is not authentic.” And I was rushing the process. So I took my time, and that’s when I started to discover these songs that I knew would be on the record. Yeah, I mean that’s what I did with the first one. I was like, “I’ve got to do that with the second one and not worry about all the eyes on me and what people are going to think.” 

She added, “I’ve just got to do what I want to do.” I mean, it’s kind of nice to finish that and sit back and look at, for me, it’s basically a journal of where I’ve been for the last two years of my life. And to be able to look back at that and know that I’ve made it here and made it through all the s**t that I went through.” 

Morgan Wade will hit the road with Turnpike Troubadours and Eric Church for select dates throughout summer and fall. She will also perform at  Lollapalooza, Railbird, and Austin City Limits before heading back to Europe for a fall headline run.

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